Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UKRC: We're Watching You, PR Selangor ADUNs

I received an SMS from a fellow blogger of mine that pointed of the UKRC land matter that will be raised by Hulu Kelang assemblyman Saari Sungib tomorrow at the assembly.

It is also a warning to all the PR Selangor ADUNs including Khalid Ibrahim as well.
It reads as:

If PKR ADUNS don't vote in favor of Saari Sungib in this current state sitting to give the UKRC land back to the community and revoke Khir Toyo's illegal gazette claiming UKRC as an open space under the purview of the MB's office, we the rakyat will personally see that we throw PKR out of office in the next general elections! It's been 3 years since PKR came into power in Selangor and NOTHING is done to resolve this UKRC land issue. MB Khalid better do the right thing now and return the UKRC land back to the community or else.............THE BUCK STOPS HERE AND NOW!!

Note: This SMS will be passed to every Selangorian to vote against PKR in the next election if that doesn't happen tomorrow!
Because I have several relatives and friends staying in other parts of Selangor, I might as well put this message in particular to ADUNS like Dr. Cheah Wing Yin (Damansara Utama). Gan Pei Nie (Rawang), Hannah (Subang Jaya) and Nik Nazmi (Seri Setia) on behalf of them. So far, I have relayed the message to Hannah and Nik and they said "will do",  "already in the  agenda papers". Well, then - let's see how it turns out tomorrow. Selangor has 33-35 PR ADUNS and I'd better see a show of hands that say yes to it!!!!

Here's our foot up your buttocks if I don't see you ADUNS doing it!

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