Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seeing Too Many Ding Dongs Around Today!

I've been tuning in around the Anwar Ibrahim video scandal thing for the whole day and I was looking at the picture of Ezkay from his ongoing trial against Yahya Jalil. And I can get the beat that he does look like Anwar (as what people said), bearing uncanny physical resemblance, except that if there is someone that can provide a top-down angle screenshot of the video, it would be better to check it out. Until then, I somehow feel that someone or a body-double masquerading as Anwar Bin Ibrahim trying to do that "orgy" that will make the name a rotten apple.

Just to reiterate that I see that it's Ezkay was the actor on the video, because of his resemblance, just to out Anwar.

Anyhow, I am totally stuck in between, for there have been too many ding-dongs going around this. The main ding-dong is about Johari Abdul  (which looks like one of my friends) who said that he was offered money as well as 7 other PKR MPs to jump ship by Rahim Tamby Chik (who says he's representing Najib). And of course one of the guys involved was Shafie Apdal's father-in-law - which does say that some UMNO people are in the mess. But Tamby said that Johari was asking for $100K + $7 million for 7MPs to come out..which means that question now is who's saying right or who's saying wrong?

Well, I've basically asked PKR to come clean and I'd hope to see how the chips are falling. I am little skeptical and fishy about Johari from the evening since he seconded the idea of an RCI to investigate that video really. But then, don't forget people loved him because he's the guy who whacked Mamak Maidin in the Sungai Petani parliament election in 2008! 

The other ding-dong is there are several statements that say he was there, there were other statements that said no, he was there. Someone mentioned that Johari actually exclaimed "That's him!" not "It's not him" at the meeting in Flamingo in Ampang. And there's a claim to say that Anwar's police report is not exactly as what people believed to be, in terms of some pieces of information not totally correct or so.

I am totally baffled and well, the whole case is to distract things from the real problems that are brewing up from Najib's end internally. But somehow, what we know is that Rahim Tamby is doing the same thing as in 1998 (50 Dalil). Rahim's surely on a political vendetta against Anwar because he pulled Rahim out of the CM post in 1995 when Rahim was caught in the child molest scandal. 

Anyhow, since tomorrow is a special day for myself, I am going to put a stop on myself not to see any more ding-dongs for the whole of tomorrow. In fact, PR has a bigger mole to catch.....! which they acknowledged just moments ago.

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