Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Merlimau: Same Mistakes and Problems as In Tenang

Free Malaysia Today said that BN has a definite head start in the Merlimau campaign area. It is mentioned that the head start is attributed to no other parties except the candidates and on one aspect - problem solving. It is mentioned that Yuhaizad has some clout problem of solving on the fly or at least make some promises to look into the problem in there. And if there is not enough, mob-aligned bloggers have been attacking Yuhaizad on the personal side, saying that he had work attitude problems and career / income instability.

This means that PAS is not able to make the candidate appealing and saleable to the audience. Like in Tenang, bread and butter matters are more of the talking matter to the Malay majority. And it's a foregone conclusion result anyway. 

PAS has shot on its own foot again one month after the Tenang debacle. Their candidates, though local and willing to help are still not saleable to the audience. And being on the saying "the best defence is offence", PAS didn't hit back on the attacks from the BN cyber-community. Tracing from the Galas campaign, it has always been PAS, in the last 4 by-elections. The formula of letting the same party contesting again from the last campaign might not work anymore for Pakatan Rakyat, as they had burnt their bridge with MCLM.

However, judging from the coverage of today's campaign of Roslan, it seems that we're seeing a potential yes-man in the making. You can see a few paragraphs that hints of the making of a "bodek".

Read through this excerpt to judge as the hint:

During the meet and greet, the two ministers introduced Roslan to the voters and urged them to vote for him but whisked him away before he had a chance to speak to them.
At a later high tea hosted by a coffeeshop owner, Roslan was unceremoniously squeezed into the BN circle and positioned in front of Muhyiddin rather than beside him.

"Before he had a chance to speak" - does it mean that I speak on behalf of the people or the party, later on at State Assembly sessions?

"Roslan was unceremoniously squeezed..." - facing the whip hint. Potential yes-man in the making.

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