Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking Back: Art For Change

Namewee's funding for project and film about 1Malaysia was rejected by the Communications Ministry although it has received an approval from FINAS for rebates and grants as this was to be a locally-produced project. The main argument, according to the minister in charge - Rais Yatim - was that Namewee was involved in past activities which are considered going against Malaysian norms and values.

It has clearly demonstrated how resentful the present government towards liberalization of ideas. This has clearly mean that government's direction of conservatism and UMNO's stamping of their way and definition of culture and ruling of all Malaysians. It clearly means that UMNO is forcing their way of making people become a yes man to propaganda and will not allow them to experiment or expand their sensibilities / cultural horizons.

This is why as long as Rais, a.k.a Daddy Dino around, Malaysian art and cinema industry will never move to new heights because of the barrier that prevents showcasing of variety of shows that tackle things and change the norms of society. The art for change must be there because it is also one of the key solutions of elevating the local arts and entertainment industry to new heights. It could compete with Asian cinema giants and even Hollywood if given the proper space to do so.

One of the videos that I kept listening and watching is a talk about how art can be for change, instead of being just to glorify something in particular. Hishamuddin Rais has always underlined art for change must come from social understanding and awareness.

This video summarizes the entire content above and what Namewee wants to do.

Recently, I was amused by Khairy's remark of "Jurassic" at Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman for being one of those "dinosaurs" that are not willing to expand their knowledge and understanding. Rais can be also among the category mentioned due to lack of social understanding of youths of the present age.

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