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Kow Tow And Gloating Arrogantly

I decided to wait and see how the Hindraf rally over Interlok plays out, including the sequence of events before and after the event. But of all the pieces that I've looked into, the bulk of the pieces that I've examined are those propaganda in nature news, written by the National News Agency (Yong Soo Heong's team, that nobody from that agency dares to show their names of who wrote it). This is in fact a tool to manufacture consent from people that the conclusion that is to come is that nobody should listen to Hindraf and in fact turn to

Sequence 1: The Order From The Big Two

A few days before that aborted Sunday rally, it started with two parallel events, with first (at here) - Muhyiddin demanding the police on firm action. But his statement is very plain and blunt, but short and simple. But it's him that started the ball rolling. And at around 10 pm of the same time, it was Najib's turn (sorry the reference piece here is just in Malay news, so you may need a translation tool) to say - almost the same as Muhyiddin but goes one more step ahead to tell the existing Indians to reject Hindraf (see this is a concept of manufacturing consent).


Muhyiddin: “If they act outside the law and disregard regulations, holding rallies and the like ... stern action should be taken." 

Najib:  "Soal kepentingan kaum India kita telah ambil tindakan, maknanya mereka tidak perlu pada Hindraf, mereka hanya perlu pada BN sahaja"

Note what Najib said below. It is a statement meant to cheat people to think that there is only one option to problem solving, whereas there are many avenues.

Sequence 2: The Kow Tow Moment

This happens one day before the planned rally. The statement by Ismail Omar, the IGP warning (read: threatening) people of arrest in participation takes place the day after the statements from Najib and Muhyiddin. To augment Ismail's statement, below it was mentioned that Hishamuddin Keris gave the directive to the cops, top brass.

Hishammuddin said he believed the organisers were trying to create an atmosphere that was being witnessed in the Middle East, but Malaysia was a different situation altogether, and they were not getting the response they wanted.

"We know their intentions, we know that certain quarters are trying to bring about sentiments of the kind we see in the Middle East.

And to round up the chain of events above, the police have rejected appeals to hold rallies, even though it is according to the procedure, and I have determined that they posed no harm, but mainly because it has been declared as an illegal entity, which forms the basis.

Comment: Hindraf was banned due to faulty and non-existential info. In 2007, there accusations that Hindraf harboured weapons to create chaos in Malaysia from Sri Lanka, but it turned out that there was no such thing as that above, but just a mere creation and ruse to make Hindraf an illegal organization.

If one of the top brass from the police actually give the permit to hold the rally, he would be put to court martial for violating a directive which actually contradicts the first 20 articles of the federal constitution but in fact did an action that is morally correct. If it is as of now, to reject the permit, it summarily points out that the police in fact kow tow to the political masters, without considering other aspects and relying on information which turned to be a false info at all. However, there is a high probability that if a policeman who approved a permit gets court-martialed for disobeying an order that is actually wrong, he in turn is respected by many civil societies for standing to the correct principles and actual truths rather than becoming a mere lap dog.

Sequence 3 - The aborted rally where 109 people gets stopped before it started

That is self-explanatory. 

Sequence 4: Where The Masters Gloat For The Stop

The reaction and statement by the ministers, PM and etc..is somewhat demonstrating how at times it can be arrogant and gloating over the fact that the rally never got off at all, and instead police came hawking in. In propaganda format, they would show how things are great, and things can be arrogant. 

Hishmauddin got this statement wrong by himself. It was noted that way before the event was started, the police have been choking around KLCC and the roads in its vicinity there. Therefore, it is inaccurate to say that people not coming to rally is failure. To say that the cops' refusal and high-handedness is actually true.

The worst spin and claim of all is that the claim by Najib to say that the rally is meant to bad mouth Malaysia's image. But if looking at the other side of the coin, sometimes it is needed to tell the world what really happened truthfully in Malaysia. In this angle, it is not about bad mouthing Malaysia. It is to correct things that has been veiled to the outside world by arrogant leaders and spinning of wrong information by media.

Additionally, Najib was quoted on Malaysiakini that Hindraf was inviting the police to come after them. But in the Malaysiakini "Yoursay" column, many people said the other way round. Many would say that it is not the Hindraf protesters that are threatening, but instead it is the police with their high-handed tactics. No doubt, this justifies many accusing Malaysia as a police state, yes?

Few Comments At The End

Malaysia is part of the UNHRC, and it means a lot of prestige to seat in the Human Rights commission. When you are in the commission, you are expected to be a role model in handle human rights properly. But seeing how they handled the rally, I suppose they are not really fit as they claimed to be and should be kicked out.

Hindraf tried to tell the Malaysian government of Indian race plight. To go back all the way in the beginning, it is the MIC that failed them first. Then the Indian community should blame themselves on the mess. Instead of thinking ahead, they are thinking and responding at this present times (the mindset). I noticed that in many news items that many blame others for their problems instead of trying to fix their problems. And if they think that the present federal government didn't help them at all, why not change another one but afraid to get scolding for changing?

Public relation between police and public still goes back to the lower levels because of how they handle things here. Does this whole event above mean to send 10000 non-violent people who gather into prison, mixing with the violent-crime prisoners together? Some people when seeing this (affects psychologically and perception) that they will not cooperate with a policeman or at times can get very angry / frustrated because of one action done at them, where people did no wrong.

Hindraf themselves are to be blamed. They burnt the bridges instead of helping Pakatan Rakyat in reducing the handicaps. They could have helped the Indian community who are still at large no clue about what is really happening in the country and so forth. 

Do I look like a sympathizer? No, but I am looking from above and I think that Barisan Nasional gloated over one event. Either they deliberately do not know that they are stamping human rights on that day with many excuses flying left and right from ministers, yes men and so forth.

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