Monday, March 21, 2011

They Say Anwar Was In The Hotel. He Said He Was Tweeting At Home..

There was a video clip playing at Carcosa in the morning to select newspaper reporters of a CCTV footage taken from a hotel room showing of a politician, allegedly and resembling Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a China doll woman. Of course Anwar and PR vehelmingly deny it. Anwar stressed that he was never at the hotel and the man who look like him was slightly fatter at the stomach than him.

According to several sources including Free Malaysia Today, the video was taken on 21 February (a Monday night) and the time stamp of the recording was between 10.23 pm to 10.45 pm. In his press statement in the evening, this was what he said to the press

"The “show” started at 10.23pm in several black-and-white clips. Three persons are seen in the room: a fully-dressed man, another wearing a towel bearing an uncanny resemblance to Anwar and a Chinese-looking woman in a dress."

"The PKR de facto leader also said that he had been posting on Twitter, a social media platform, at the time of the alleged event and that PKR had kept a record of his tweets on the day."

Quoting from The Malaysian Insider:

He called the emergence of the video recording today a “scurrilous attack” against him, his family and Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

He added that he was at home with Dr Wan Azizah, their children, grandchildren and members of his staff, on the night in question.

Well, if he says that he's at home at that time and if he can dispense the notion that the Omega Watch is his, then no worry. One of the pages in Facebook seems to be backing up Anwar's claim by showing the activity period within that time frame on that night : he was twitting.
The following sequence of twits occured between 8.15 pm and to 10.50 pm that night:

1. 8.15 pm - Media ala Mubarak @syedmikael Bila team @najibrazak tersungkur di makhamah satu titik cerita pun tak keluar di tibitigasku. Pengecut!

2. 8.20 p.m - Blog: Kabinet bayangan - PM tak faham istilah

3. 8.20 p.m - Blog: Pakar gagal lapor DNA misteri

4. 8.20 p.m - Blog: BMF senarai 49 syarikat terbabit dengan Taib

5. 8.20 p.m - Blog: Mubarak Jatuh Kerana Rakyat Tolak Pilihanraya Tipu

Note: these 4 blog postings (I suspect it's copy and paste thing) was done at 8.20 archive can be check here.

6. 10.40 pm - God willing - (Insha..) @a_sufi Salam DS, bila nk mai #Guar Chempedak ini ..lama sangat dah sy rasa DS x mai
This tweet at 10.40 pm raises the question mark. If Anwar is to be at the scene of the sex part, there is no way that he would be tweet a reply to this user @a_sufi there. Since Selective Tweets is one of the sub-utilities in Facebook, it is to my mind very hard to reply while your mind is concentrating on other activity. You can't do two things at the same time and it takes a while to write a reply particularly if you're on mobile mode. 10.40 is still 5 minutes away before the video recording was finished and he's tweeting. Sometime not right, see?

7. 10.49 pm - That's dsNajib's plan. Our task: pursue reform agenda @nohskywalker i'm worried what would happen to PR if they put you in jail again.

This tweet is secondary to Anwar's claim that he wasn't there at the scene of the crime.

The series of pictures titled "Anwar's Alibi 21 February 2011" can be seen at this Facebook page here.

The last time in 98, Anwar was called a gay (following accusations of sodomizing Azizan), then now they call him a womanizer (Mahathir did say that in his memoirs) and then what will happen next? I am confused really. There are many enemies out there for him, and sure there's no end to that. There are parties out to make sure he never gets to be on the top job as PM for they fear many things with him reaching there.

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