Monday, December 29, 2008

Blue Men Visting PJ Vigil, For What?

The night before the weekly vigil, I have been reliably told that the police will be paying a visit to the weekly vigil at the PJ municipal council building. From what I heard and say so-s, I got information of three possibilities that of why the police decides to visit the place yesterday.

The first possibility is that the police are apparently unhappy that the last half of the twelve conditions are mostly ignored by those participants. If you notice that almost every week, people would bring candles and sometimes show their solidarity by wearing the black, orange, and red shirts that shows no to ISA message. Many have found that the last six conditions are ridiculous and this is what Haris called it as unacceptable.

The second possibility could stem from last week. During the 11th edition of the vigil, councilor Richard Yeoh had told the audience in gathering that he had applied the permit as usual but on that week itself, he had yet to get a quick reply by the PJ district police. The one who issued the letter is of Supt. Shukor, but we have no idea whether the application was replied or otherwise. Technically, the permit did not reach in time last week.

The third possibility could be personally motivated. There has been word going around that CPO Khalid Bakar was very pissed off of a certain petition to the Sultan (to be submitted after New Year) calling for help in the removal from his post. Currently, the petition, if checked has approximately 5200 signatures already.

Earlier on, we knew of their presence and to play safe, we told everyone not to wear any of those three forbidden color shirts. According to an account by Stephen, the vigil was in silence and dispersed after 40 minutes. The main road of Jalan Yong Shook Lin was sealed off by cops and in the gathering the number of Special Branch plain-clothes personnel doubled. Most of the people identified a female SB (with a tudung) taking pictures of people all around, which raises attention and knowledge to people.

First of all, the police watching line has been blurred. The activity is held in private grounds, meaning that the police cannot simply go in to the place without permission of the city council. This also applies to people that they cannot simply go to people's house without permission or so. So are they really instructed to clamp down on anything that is not UMNO approved?

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