Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Co-Pilot Syndrome in Malaysia

If you have seen the Malaysiakini video by Raja Petra yesterday at the Bar Council, yes, you have read the big portion of what I'm trying to say. Which you should do first before continuing.

The real problem right now and I pity is that most Malays right now have the co-pilot syndrome, which is they have trouble when they do not how to fish to feed themselves.

Tun Mahathir did the NEP and those affirmative-action initiatives to help the Malays to be on their own feet - to teach them how to do their own fishing when those who feed them are gone. Unfortunately, it has been misintepreted, many perceived Ketuanan Melayu as stamping on others, rather than it's actual objective - to become sirs of their own standard. Now the problem is still not solved, that is instead of sirs, there are still beggars (state of mind) still out there. People were brainwashed and taught to use this as a last resort when changes for the beter of the nation are favored by others but considered as a threat to the Malay race.

The other day, I got headband that said "Hidup Melayu Hidup Islam". Does that mean that if Melayu is gone Islam is gone? Try asking the real Arab scholars about this question. I bet that they will laugh on this thing. Islam exists way long before Melayu exists.

When you have this syndrome around, Malaysia can never be as great as Singapore. or other nations better than us in overall aspects They keep saying that some people who really call for changes are American agents, but they never questioned themselves whether they are really agen Amerika? What about sending police against ceramah's and vigils? Isn't that the Bush American prescription? Who is the real Agen Amerika? Those bigots who call themselves great or we the people?

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