Monday, December 22, 2008

PJ Vigil Round 11

It's already 11 times the PJ vigil is held and the numbers are consistently at around 150 to 200 each time we gather at the City Hall. Apart from the bloggers, there are some new faces who turned up to see what it is at the gathering.

This week, two foreign people came over, including Penny (Gobloking) and John from Sydney.

The vigil has been turned into a speakers corner as someone said as many would like to share their views and came up to the stage to state whatever they would like to say. That day was the second time I decided to go up to the stage to present my views - showing the parallels of Archimedes's immortal line - "Give me a lever, and I will move the world."

And of course, the main course for tonight, which is the appearance by Pete Kamaruddin - which we saved it for the last. Of course, I was told that a few people spotted some SBs in plainclothes which includes one female but we spotted one whom we think there's something worth of him.

To commemorate the loss of Shukree who died suddenly last week, there was a minute of silence in memoriam. Our special guest, The Malay Male delivered a 'sajak' in memory of him. Shukree wanted to follow the team of bloggers to cover the KT by-election but sadly could not do so.

Since this week is Christmas week, pastor Sivin Kit led a group of people to sing O-Holy Night.

Chris, whom I met at the Wharf on Friday night was surprised of me taking photos in black and white, so this week, I shot half of photos in black and white while the remaining in color. Fellow blogger, DelCapo was also interested with some of the photos, so let's move on with the photos.

You have to forgive me though as putting up here at night is pretty slow than in the morning :)

Nanda, and DelCapo

Jude, Chris' young son.

Haris, Richard and DelCapo

Serena, Audrey and Jennifer

update 8:30 - additional photos

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  1. it was good to be back after three weeks of absence.

    I've always liked black and white pictures. There's something about not being distracted by colors, and focusing on the tones.


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