Saturday, December 6, 2008

Police: You Cannot Cycle Here, There, Everywhere...

I don't know why the police is so bent on stopping those moral-good rallies or campaigns like the JERIT cycling campaign. Malaysiakini reported that 50 bicycles were seized in Teluk Kumbar following a police road-block. However, the cops relented after three hours following talks by Sungai Siput MP Jeyakumar Devaraj. The eye-catching line?
“I told them, come on-lah, there are so many criminals around for you to deal with; just let our cyclists do their thing and they won’t cause any problem,” he said over the phone.

“If you want, you can send police to help us with the traffic, though even that won’t be necessary as we have our own marshals"
I have a gut feeling that whoever ordered the cops to clamp down is pretty stupid and bigot. And it shows one thing that the police are political UMNO lapdogs. See, on opposition campaigns, they come down very hard, probably on instruction from Home Ministry while on the PRO-ISA they couldn't do so because UMNO's PEKIDA gang is there to backup. If they try to go in, they risk the wrath of their paymen.

So who's the real bigot out there? Are you saying that I cannot cycle on the road?

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