Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boleh Atau Tak Boleh Masuk?

I bet that there will be massive road blocks on the main road leading in and out of Kuala Lumpur, particularly the one heading towards Parliament building. Even if the police said okay but with no convoys.

But it's a convoy that poses no physical harm to people, why a massive force deployed on them?

In the recent year or so, the police is under public scrutiny and critcism from people, and NGOs

Excerpt from a letter to Malaysiakini:

The PDRM has deployed hundreds of policemen at road blocks to intimidate, bully, harass, arrest, abuse and manhandle a tiny group of committed individuals who are campaigning for a better Malaysia through peaceful, lawful and respectful means.

Does the PDRM have any evidence that these Jerit activists are out to embark on some mass nationwide criminal activity? If so, they need to make this evidence public and take them to court.

If not, the PDRM is duty bound to uphold the laws of Malaysia which allow peaceful expression (including cycling for a cause) and get on with its real job of fighting crime, which the PDRM has not been terribly good at.

Instead, the PDRM makes wild allegations and resorts to stale and crude scare mongering tactics to try and both turn public opinion against the campaign and stop the cyclists in their tracks.

As the campaign now enters the final stretch after more than two weeks, the PDRM is the obvious loser by acting increasingly desperate, reckless and highhanded as witnessed in Rawang.

The Jerit cyclists and activists have already won resoundingly even if they do not make it to Parliament on December 18. They have caught the nation’s imagination, won widespread public support and displayed tremendous courage and fortitude in fighting for the rights of every Malaysian.

I remembered back last year, the police is split between Team Musa and Team Ramli - the CCID chief who is trying to do the right thing. But he and his men were under persecution from Team Musa and the gang of underworld kingpins. Now, it's a different ground with the government, particularly the Home Ministry ordering the police to spy on dissenters and opposition parties.

Let's see how this would play out tomorrow. If people are very angry because of arriving at office late, like the July 14 episode, Syed Hamid and the police are going to get slapped left and right. JERIT from what I searched through is a NGO. Basically, there is no underground group or we'll have your balls.....

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