Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why Ali Rustam Will Win UMNO Deputy Presidency

Anyone can figure - with analysis that Ali Rustam will win the UMNO presidency.

1. Money is king. If you want to have votes, you need to give red packet to your voters. This also happens in Johor, prominently to gain respect from the kingmakers there. Many have claimed and believed that Muhyiddin as a 'stingy' or 'koo hon' person, similarly to Ku Li who doesn't offer money for votes. Since money politics is rampant, chances are those votes could go to either Mike Tyson Taib or Ali Rustam.

2. From experience, a potential Deputy Prime Minister must be able to speak English particularly on international duty. But everyone knows that Mike Tyson Taib "cannot speak Engrish" he had the problem of reading RPK's article where Mike Tyson lodged a complaint to the police station. In the time where economy is in recession and cost cutting is needed, hiring a translator for Mike Tyson could be costly.

3. From the two points above Ali Rustam falls between #1 and #2. And chances are votes could go to him.

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