Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spare Me The Embarassment, Azian!

From Bernama via Nut Graph:

IPOH, 8 Dec 2008: Ipoh Timur Umno today expressed opposition to a proposal by Canning state assemblyperson Wong Kah Woh to have the road signs in Taman Cempaka here replaced with multilingual signs.

Ipoh Timur Umno head Datuk Azian Osman said Wong's suggestion was contrary to the Federal Constitution and showed disrespect for Bahasa Malaysia as the national language.

"Ipoh Timur Umno strongly opposes the proposal. We feel intimidated by his arbitrary action without consideration for the sensitivities of the people," he told reporters after attending an Aidil Adha sacrificial slaughter ceremony in Kampung Tok Cendang.

Wong was reported to have said that Taman Cempaka would be the first area in Perak to have signs in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Tamil and Jawi.

Azian said the multilingual signs were unnecessary because Taman Cempaka was not a tourist attraction.

He said the residents of the housing estate were locals who have no problems with the existing Bahasa Malaysia road signs.

Azian also questioned a statement by Perak senior state executive councillor Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, also from the DAP, who had said that the issue should not be politicised as language was a communication tool and that the move to have multilingual signs was a private sector initiative.

"I ask the menteri besar (Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin) and the state government to be level-headed and respect the Federal Constitution," he said.
I don't know what is wrong with you saying that putting multilingual road signs is somewhat not respecting Bahasa Malaysia. Hey..there is in Chinese, Arabic, English and of course Malay. So what is wrong of having multilingual road names like in Penang and in KL?

During the times of my parents being at around 17 or so, they remember streets by their English names. For instance, Jalan Pasar, in old town, where my mother grew up, it was called Market Street, running across the road, was Leech Street which comprises of the famous stalls and shops there.

Isn't the measure also helps to improve historical value of Ipoh? For people mostly born in the early 90s, many do not know what is the original name of a road. Most know for instance, just the Malay name like Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, but do not know the actual name of Brewster Road. Try asking someone who has been in Ipoh for more than 50 years about this name and most remembered well of the name Brewster for instance.

The statement by this UMNO joker called Azian Osman shows that:

1. You want people to become like Mike Tyson Taib that 'don't speak Engrish'? You want people to be stuck in the past?

2. Real work in world demands good English and if you say that , it means you don't your own kind to excel well in the working life or Hard Knox university.

3. Think fool, what is Bahasa Malaysia language value on global scale? No 1, no 2 or what?

5. Are you indirectly trying to say that the non-Malays are your enemies? Defend the Malay rights against something that is morally correct to everyone?

4. Even your fellow Malay man Hisham Rais is laughing at you! His comment:

kah kah kah…. tukarlaaah dulu nama UNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANISATION … ini bukan dalam bahasa melayu…. cakap nak berjuang untuk melayu…. nama gerombolan pun tak pakai nama melayu…. kah kah kah…

kah kah kah… asik asik nama jalan…. asik asik hina bahasa melayu … kah kah kah

kah kah kah…. tak kan tak nampak berselirat iklan besar besar dalam bahasa inggeris… tak kan mata rabun… janganlaa buat tak sedar…kah kah kah…

…depan pejabat dewan bahasa dan petaka tu ada iklan dalam bahasa inggeris … terpampang… tak kan tak nampak….

..depan angkasapuri ada berselirat iklan dalam bahasa inggeris… tak kan tak nampak…

… sepanjang lebuh raya perseketuan ada banyak iklan dalam bahasa inggeris… lebih besar dari nama jalan…. tak kan mata rabun….

kah kah kah….itu pasal orang cakap ZINA ZAIN DI HUJUNG LAUT NAMPAK….
kah kah kah…

Please spare me the embarassment, Azian and gosh, you're a SPNB chairman!?'s really ridiculous! Kan Malaysia multi-religion, multi-culture, etc...ini macam belit what you preach, man!

I maybe from Ipoh, I can remember major roads in their other names in English besides BM. Go and read Lat's Town Boy for start or ask Mr. Lat who's staying in Gunung Rapat to help you!

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