Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Subsidy For Dryer Machines Ah?

This is from The Star:

PUTRAJAYA: Those living in multilevel residences will no longer be allowed to dry their clothes in the open “where the whole world can see,” effective next year.

This follows a government decision to tackle the eye-sore problem once and for all, and to clean up the image of Malaysian cities by coming up with a guideline for both developers and residents of such buildings.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said a guideline should be in place so that developers would be made responsible for preparing a special area or the proper facilities in its properties for drying clothes.

“We can see today that most people living in multilevel residences like flats, apartments and condominiums dry their clothes in the open. It is unsystematic and affects our efforts to portray a modern image for Malaysian cities.

“For the moment, we will have a guideline so that necessary action can be taken by parties concerned, including residents to have proper equipment and facilities so they need not expose their laundry,” he said after chairing the National Council on Local Government meeting on Tuesday.

The Deputy Prime Minister however said there was nothing punitive about the guideline as the aim was to encourage the public to be more sensitive about the issue.

“For the time being, it is more on making the moral switch. It it does not work, then we have to consider amending existing laws,” he said, adding a circular would be issued by the ministry next year to inform local authorities of the decision.

Najib said it would be the duty of local authorities and the Commissioner of Buildings to inform developers and managements of flats, apartments and condominiums to see to it that the guideline was followed.


My dear Najib, I don't know whose idea was it to raise this issue, I better hope it's not Rosie out there. If you say that you don't want hanging clothes outside, don't wait until those developers add in those special facilities. Instead, why not you offer subsidy for dryer machines so that everyone can buy one. Look at Singapore, buying a Bravia W series TV is much cheaper because Singapore offers subsidy. They are encouraging people to have TV in each household.

It's a pretty simple solution, isn't it?

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