Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, this is it. The culmination that started since November ends tomorrow to see whether the team gets the reprieve or the team goes out as the first part of the product will be vetted for the last time...

We're all pretty worried, stressed, tired, overworked 160%. Originally the number of people was at 25, but with 7 gone in the space of 6 months, the number of manpower is reduced to just 18, which is about 30% drop. How I wish things would be better rather than spending unnecessary time to finish of what we started. Many told me that it was not me to be blamed for the mess, the ones that left are, since they came in about nine months before me.

Had they really stayed for an extra mile, things will get better. But I learnt that the seven who left are mainly because of how they are treated for what they have contributed - peers or by Vasem.

I was pretty scared and I really do not want things to end prematurely. Otherwise, it's just the repeat of January 2008. I made calls to my parents to make myself calm down. I pitied the others. If we're out, the others had to go back to India. And well, it's another 1-2 months looking for another one but I usually leave on my own terms.

I would love to see things work out fine than going bad, so reprieve is something I only want as a New Year's give.

I see great things coming later, and we need God to help us through....please!

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  1. Hey, what's up with all the D-Day thingy? Hope everything's going well with you. May the New Year bring good things for you and your family... :)

    ~ Edmund


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