Friday, December 5, 2008

A Payout Cheque By Nuffnang

For those of you who have signed up for Nuffnang but yet to get a paycheck at all, this is what you get.

For my case, it took me a little more than a month to receive the cheque. I requested for a cash out on 27 October. It took more than month to process, and finally the cheque was sent from Penang on the 2nd. It took three days to reach other states (according to postal rules) before it came here today. If the destination is within a state, it can reach in one day.

Behind the cheque, you can see a watermark to show that it is a real one, not a forgery.

This pay is the result of advertising for exactly one year. I've started the Nuffnang advertising in October 2007. The thing is that if you have more people visiting your blogs, chances are your pay would be higher.


  1. should have taken the pic in under UV Lamp....really cool...all MICR coded.

    azrin @

  2. LOL. I am still waiting for mine, when can get>


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