Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not Now For Reinstatement of Royal Immunity

There have been calls by certain royals to call upon the government to reinstate the royal immunity that has been removed since 1993.

I have a mixed bag of opinion of this issue.

I concur with what was written in the letter to Malaysiakini. Rulers have seem to forget their roles to the people. And I still remember of cases where members of royalty go and assault citizens for some small mistakes. Take the Douglas Gomez affair where he was assaulted for speaking up. In fact it was the royals who ordered the pullout of the BPSS from the MSSM Hockey games in 1992 in wake of the horrendous episode in Sukma 1992.

For now, I don't agree to have the reinstatement unless the rulers prove to the people that they do not misuse their privilege at normal people.

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