Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't Bullshit People Khalid!

State CPO Khalid Bakar is under fire again from many quarters in what is to be a blatant lying to the public of 27 underaged among the 57 JERIT campaigners arrested in Rawang.

This is not the only time in the space of two months that Bakar is whacked left and right from all quarters. In the recent Bukit Antarabangsa episode, people accused him for not paying serious attention into victim claims that salvagers loot the houses following the landslide disaster.

In November, he was also under fire from many NGOs for leading a group of FRUs and SBs to stop the Bersih / anti-ISA gathering that left many bloodied and 23 arrested.

Excerpt from Malaysiakini:

“We detained them for (taking part in an) illegal procession. Later when we checked their details, 28 were found to be under the age of 18…clearly this violates the Child Act as some are only 15 years old,” said Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar.

khalid abu bakar selangor cpo“When giving their statements, these children said they did not know why they were asked to participate in the cycling event,” he told reporters at the Rawang police station last night.

“As for the children, we have actually saved them from being misused and exploited by irresponsible people… we did not arrest them.”

He also said the police had contacted their parents to take them home and would investigate whether the children had received permission to take part in the event.

Another 29 cyclists were arrested and investigated under the Police Act for illegal procession, and under the Child Act for abusing children.

jerit ride for change rawang police protest 161208 01Among them were Rawang assemblywoman Gan Pei Nie of PKR and Sungai Siput member of Parliament Dr D Jeyakumar of PSM (photo: with loudhailer).

Khalid also told reporters that the teenagers were confused about the purpose of the expedition.

“We will call their parents to take them (home). We will also call the child service unit to discuss details of returning the children to their parents.”

‘No permit issued’

Khalid said Gan had not applied for a permit to allow the cyclists to ride pass through Rawang, denying her claim that she had reached a verbal understanding with the Rawang police chief.

jerit ride for change rawang police protest 161208 11Khalid dismissed this, saying “there is no such thing as a verbal agreement”.

“Permits must be written. I was informed by the police chief that no application was made,” he added.

The teenagers were kept at the Rawang police station overnight, and are expected to be released to their parents today


I'm not very sure whether to laugh or get angry. But yes, the answer is both. I am laughing because Khalid Bakar is talking bullshit out to hoodwink people into thinking that police is doing the right thing. But I am angry at the same time because Khalid Bakar is lying to the people and in the capacity of the a high-rank police man, that warrants some serious implications to public perception.

A few months ago, Dad fired an employee of his working in the Klang office. I heard him talking over the phone to his other colleagues reporting of a missing money and the employee attempting to take the money out. I am convinced that what he did was born out of a desperation
maybe because of owing people money or what, I don't know.

One night at dinner Dad showed me a list of message between him and the employee that he fired. It was about the notebook that was given to him by the company. There were too many excuses, unsure whether he lost it, it was damaged or so. But the final message from Dad to him was "I'm not born yesterday" - if I am not mistaken.

Yes, many of us are not born yesterday. Reading that piece again for a few times, and reading JERIT's statement, that means that Khalid Bakar is a 'pembohong' and is ought to be sacked. And yes, the Sultan has been told of a matter pertaining of the police misusing their power and something of deviating their purpose of reducing crime rates.

Going after people under Police Act is somewhat a lower priority whereas the real priority is looking for criminals. Kingpins, criminals, scums, killings in Klang, etc..Khalid you should go there and pay more attention to that instead of JERIT.

Say, do you notice of him really look like Reezal Merican? I see some resemblance there...perhaps that's the hunch that I have in my mind?

Or, not only me but other citizens will fire you on the spot. So don't bullshit people, that's thrice already!

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