Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's On! Wan Farid vs Syed Azman

There is no doubt that the contest for Kuala Terengganu is definitely between Wan Farid Salleh and Syed Azman.

Although Malaysiakini has yet to confirm this but it did mention that the PAS candidate narrows down to Mustafa Ali and Syed Azman. But if you read my previous article titled, Candidate Selection Dilemma For KT By-Election " you will notice that the guessing is good as right.

No doubt Mat Sabu, though very popular, but he was dropped because voters there wanted someone from the native state. In this case, both Syed Azman and Mustafa Ali are from the native state, but Syed Azman is much better pick for he can reach out to the middle-age and younger generation. Also, being an MP from 1999-2004 is a bonus for him.

PAS is now all out to go and win it. With the Batu Burok incident that was sparked by BN and other things, these are those few things that could swing voters attention to PAS.

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