Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kugan's Death = Steve Biko's?

While reading the coverage of police detainee A. Kugan's death, funeral , autopsy, claims by family of murder and eventually the A-G's classification of the case as murder, I was reminded of a historical piece whereby anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko was actually beaten to death by police although the police claimed it was hunger strike.

One similarity there is that while the police at Taipan and the one in South Africa claimed that the detainee died of lung or hunger, many people are convinced otherwise that the detainee suffered multiple torture wounds and indeed accusing the police for trying to cover up the brutality act.

On This Day on September 12 1977


  1. Steve Biko is a nationalist and freedom fighter.
    Please don't compare and equate him with an alleged car thief and a suspected criminal.

    Decent citizen.

  2. Kugan's death was unfortunate and smack of police brutality. But Kugan was no Steve Biko.
    Steve Biko was a role model who dared to stand up for a community trampled underfoot. Steve Biko was a student of history & law. Steve Biko applied his education to life. Steve Biko gave his life for a cause he fervently believe in. Steve Biko gave his life for freedom. History will tell you that he did not die in vain and he will not be remembered in vain. Hail Biko!

    Kugan died in suspicious circumstances. But Kugan is no Steve Biko.


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