Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Political Obituary

Today, the people at Kuala Terengganu has put another nail on the regime that has promised greatness to the country but instead oppressed, plundered and robbed the good people of Malaysia of things that every citizen should deserved

PAS' Abdul Wahid Endut won the by-election with the majority of 2631 votes.

According to Malaysiakini, the final tally is as follows:

Abdul Wahid Endut - 32883
Wan Farid Salleh - 30252
Azharudin Mamat - 193

The credit must go to the minority community there as they are the kingmakers in choosing their reps. Now that things are done, En. Wahid must walk the talk, do as what they have promised to the voters of KT.

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  1. BN promised all sorts of enormous financial/developmental package to the people of KT should they elect Wan Farid. Now, let's see if they deliver on their promises. Otherwise, isn't that really another display of "money politics" that Pak Lah claims to want eradicated? After all, BN still holds the national coffers, right?

    ~ Edmund


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