Friday, January 23, 2009

The Devil In Blue Uniform and The Persecution

I remembered that two weeks after the November 9 affair that the 23 people who were arrested were just let go without bail or nothing. And then following the police stopping the vigil on Sunday, they flip-flopped and decided to charge all of the 23.

I know some of the 23. Some from Penang, an MP, two state Assemblyman, a Malaysiakini videographer, a blogger, a frequent vigiler and of course my Barisan Rakyat buddy Gus of The Wharf. Tomorrow, they will be appearing at PJ court and they are likely to be released on bail since most of them will plead not guilty.

I don't know who actually decided to charge them. But all I know is that it is a thinly veil threat of the police and a prelude to a second Ops Lalang. Let's see who's from the The Devil that decides to show their faces and let's see who could be prosecuting / persecuting the innocent people. It's not the subordinates, but the superiors who think and see the wrong end of the pole. Or could it be that BN politcians ordered the police to do so to show to others that they play hero; they want revenge against loss in K-T or many other excuses?

Of course there's a first sign of hope as Malaysiakini videographer believes that the police tampered with the video footage shot on that night. If the video is withheld for a few more days and then you find out that is tampered, then the police is responsible.

Picture this if 1000 people attend a private function and all of them are arrested for just gathering there, then there's something wrong what the police is doing. They are not schoolteachers. They are jagas - and we actually hired them to help us out not to become bullies on the streets. It's like the story in the Bible where every good innocent people are persecuted by the forces of evil, in the epic final battle (see the Book of Revelations). If 20000 people get arrested over nothing by 4000 police, the prison cells in Malaysia will be fulled with people unnecessarily arrested.

Now we have a Police Chief that many believe is lying in the teeth to the people of Selangor. He said the guy died of asthma. Others said, he was abuse by police, so who's right? Not to worry, maybe we could hold his balls and release whatever that cannot go through normal channels press release style to the entire world.

Every week, there is this Gerak Khas police show that features our Norman Hakim (whose involved in the proximity case) and shows the police being good side and so on. Now I can't even decide whether to trust the police already now that they behave unruly and use many excuses in the name of the law.

I'd say that our friend is F.I.R.E.D. period!

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