Monday, January 19, 2009

PDRM Wanted So Badly To Stop The Vigils!

You Come In Like Nobody's Business

This is the second time that the police stopped the PJ vigil consecutively although it is clear that the place is a private property that has the City Council's consent of using it.

Tonight, it was intended to be a celebration for everyone following the Pakatan Rakyat's success at Kuala Terengganu by-elections. I wanted to take my brother to show them how it is like a weekly vigil. He just came to town for a visit or so.

I have already noticed 4 SBs at Lotus restaurant right at the beginning before the show gets started. Everyone wants to celebrate with arrivals of Pete, Bernard and Haris from KT.

This is the SB (in the middle) that carries the long tripod. I was absolutely sure that this SB was the one who called in the cops once the event kicks off. He was around for the last three weeks.

As usual the cops come in like coming to people's house without permission or if it is nobody's business. The OCPD was not the one last week but another one by the name of Junaidi and of course the district Chief Shukor Sulong was next to him but he didn't say anything. One thing I spotted is that most police officers do not have the serial numbers, only their names.

Two of us asked the OCPD of who is the boss. Arrogantly, Junaidi - the OCPD - boasted 'I'm am the Boss!!!!!' and thinks he was high and mighty. There was an outspoken man who lamented loudly on how the police doing the wrong job and told the police to disperse instead of people. The lamentation has brought applause from the participants there. But the police gave them time to pack up the things laid - tonight was pot luck dinner though.

Just look at those poor motorists being blocked by the cops. Don't they have anything better to do?

Anyhow, we went back to Lotus to have our potluck dinner. No point going further otherwise people will be trouble. The councilors were there to help but couldn't do so. Pity for those who had to be called in for work otherwise they would be transferred elsewhere.

What Action?

1. From what I heard, PDRM and IGP could be in a probably a lawsuit filed by 23-100 people over this problem with a group of lawyers to be filed at the High Court. PDRM could be paying the damages of millions of ringgit if the people wins.

2. I'm not sure, but I have a hunch that Khalid Bakar could be fired soon. If not him, the ones responsible like this Junaidi or Shukor Sulong could be hauled to I.A


Although it was stopped, but that doesn't mean we celebrate at Lotus with food. Elaine, a frequent vigil participant bumped to me

E: (To Kevin) He look's familiar.
M: Yep.
E: Is he your friend?
M: That's my brother.
E: So you're twins!
M: Nope. .

Ah...the food galore.

But I couldn't go fishing tonight despite meeting the regulars. I had to send poor Kevin back home. He didn't have enough rest. I really wanted to write this, read the new book and have a good rest as it's work day tomorrow!

Last Words

I remembered the famous line by the fictional protagonist which says "DO NOT FUCK US." That's one thing. But now, with that I don't think I'll trust the police. The police are absolutely lousy not because of the subordinates but the superiors that I believe that is creating problems in the name of law.

I don't trust you anymore, PDRM. You're giving me a lousy perception to the public!


  1. We are their boss!! Tax payers are paying for them to harass us. Why can't they get it into their thick skull that protecting the public is their No.1 priority.

  2. er, they have been there for weeks!!!! And we know how lousy they can be by attending VIGIL to see how they handle the people...sigh. Another day without vigil...


  4. I saw this coming esp after the KT win for PAS. Such vindictive,infantile behaviour by the keepers of public peace and order.

  5. What a shame I was there for the 1st time, looking to celebrate with everyone for the win at KT but was shooed away.

  6. "I don't trust you anymore, PDRM. You're giving me a lousy perception to the public!"

    'Lousy' is just too mild, sir!
    'Disgusting' or 'nauseating' is probably nearer the truth.

    penang lad

  7. Anyway, the PDRM never gave me any good impression !

  8. Get rid of the ruling party and change all the staff in govt services. Can the opposition party be prepared for this take over?

  9. CEKAP, BERSIH DAN AMANAH well for me is like, to spit all of this in front of their yards, and paint to BULLSHIT, LIARS & DISCRIMINATORS OF PEACE. YEP that should do it.


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