Saturday, January 10, 2009

Supposedly Rich But Actually a Poor State

My other blog buddies were in Terengganu since Monday to cover the 10 days of campaigning before the big event next Saturday. By chance, today they visited a few places, visited a few prominent man that includes a ex-Lord President and a a few pictures that shows how the fat pigs of Barisan Nasional reap the things that are supposedly for a few people.

I will not elaborate further but instead you can visit either Haris' or Pete's posting.

I will elaborate two pics.

I visited KT once back in April 2005 on the way back to Kuala Lumpur during the start of the semester break after having completed a 3 day trip in Pulau Redang. From up north Besut, we traveled by a bus all the way down to Kuala Terengganu to stop by for lunch - which was on the way to Kuantan.

Of course, during the time when the bus travelled along the main road to Kuantan, I've seen many houses which was in a bad state until now.

Since Terengganu is an oil rich state, I supposed people there should be enjoying a good lifestyle there and living in a proper environment instead of the thing above. Where the hell is the 20 billion wang ehsan since 1974? Gone. Misused by cronies like Wan Mokthar (Dynas' father)

There should many of these houses but right now only the elite and those under the alignment of UMNO gets it.

Apparently why BN won Terengganu is partly because of phantom voters but also threats to Petronas employees - they are threatened with sack if they are found voting for the opposition. That was their fear factor, ace in the hole.

There is nothing big to gain from voting but the by voting, it is doing two things at once. First, it is to tell Barisan Nasional that they still do not get it. Secondly, it merely reduces the majority and tells people that they do not want Najib as PM.

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