Friday, January 16, 2009

Ang Pow, Ah? We Can Leak This To Al-Jazeera, CNN, etc...!

And then Shabery could get embarassed. I remembered a text message that was sent by Ku Li following the Anwar / Shabery debate that said "He used to be my secretary at S46..I'm so embarassed"....

I saw a piece by Haris that said that details of two reporters, one whom I knew while covering the Lingamtape trial last year. They were given an envelope of RM 300 ringgit. When they asked the people who gave them of the purpose, the people simply do not know except of course doing their job. And there was a scuffle as seen in this link by Malaysiakini. So far, I noticed that it is the only place that has this report, not on MSM.

And a report has been lodged to the police. I also heard that UMNO has tripled the angpow of $1000 to be given on election day tomorrow. People would come in with votes already marked with BN and the empty vote paper is given to UMNO agents and they get $1000. That is more on those Malay voters. I say it's 50-50.

The Chinese are some unhappy that despite being offered $300 per red packet, many misfortune would be fallen them. Do you remember Ahmad Said said "vote for BN and we'll be nice. Else we won't be nice to you 10 fold..."

Intimidation isn't it. Ugly, but if I am to leak this to Al-Jazeera or CNN, how would you feel?

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