Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When AAB Is Pushed Into A Corner. He'll Pull Off His Trump Card

Spin Doctoring - Blaming AAB

Following the defeat at KT-election, numerous people within the BN quarters have started pointing fingers at Abdullah Badawi for being the weak person and selecting Wan Farid Salleh as candidate for the seat in KT. Many including those in Mahathir's camp find Wan Farid as the mere proxy of AAB given his connections to his family and his associate Patrick Lim.

Yesterday, Hadi Awang has asked Abdullah Badawi to change his mind and remain on as the PM. Many concur that he should stay on including RPK because not only he is the lesser of the two evils, but at least you have a captain to helm through during the economical downturn now rather than jumping ship at the first sign of trouble.

However, those in camp Najib thinks otherwise and now MSMs are ordered to do a spin on AAB. A spin on AAB, which is to say that the whole Kuala Terengganu mess is on Abdullah Badawi and not Najib. The MSMs are asked to deflect every accusation off Najib and hurl it instead to Abdullah Badawi. At this time, they are very keen to make sure that Abdullah Badawi sticks to his transition plan and have Najib come in by April 1 2009.

For instance, take a look at the Malaysian Insider piece that says KT loss is not a reflection of his leadership. In truth, it is to say that people do not want him to become PM. The phrase reflection is indirectly showing and pointing the finger at Abdullah Badawi.

The Trump Card

When an animal is pushed back to the wall, it will do anything to get out that means fighting very hard and savage. This is the effect that is seen coming at Abdullah Badawi by camp Najib.

However, Abdullah Badawi may have his trump card ready to be unleashed anytime in this span of two months.

Currently in Shah Alam, the High Court is still listening to the testimony of Azilah. Yesterday, Azilah revealed to the court that Musa Safri, Najib's ADC had asked Azilah to help his friend Razak Baginda (political analyst under Najib). The statement shows that Balasubramaniam's original declaration, not the revised one is indeed correct and it seems that the pieces revealed are coming in bit by bit.

This is to say that Azilah was correct all along. Today, on Malaysiakini, he has constantly insisted that whatever he said was never a lie. "We had no motive to kill Altantuya".

And then the final card could come in, from Abdullah Badawi: military intelligence. Initially bluffed by him, it really existed all along. It actually reveals the person who ordered the hit on Altantuya Shariibuu on the night of 19 October 2006. If Najib has constantly quoted that he doesn't know Altantuya, what about her alias as Minah? Other quarters had said that Najib introduced her to Razak Baginda.

Najib was indeed dragged into the mess and held by the balls from maybe AAB or someother people. They knew who killed Altantuya, even without referring to military intelligence.

Many people have expressed that they would rather see AAB continue on as PM. But not on Najib. Now that AAB is pushed to a corner with no way out, his camp could be fighting back savagely and the report is the finishing move. And it could happen in two months, with Najib would not survive after that.


  1. Only blind and idiots want Najib to be PM.
    Tainted and full of baggage and he is incompetent and the track record of his career has nothing to show except he is Bin Tun Razak.

  2. let me tell u where else to get info to nail that najib guy...

    somebody or someone already has that info and waiting to pounce on the right time

    they (as in NTR, ARB and Altantuya) all checked in to Shangri La Singapore.. The records are still there until today.. If you think I bluff, go there and ask your self.. Or ask anybody who is a top rank in Shang chains

  3. Najib also must have something on AAB, but not as strong as a murder case. Probabably some massive corruption like the wang ehsan, PGCC fiasco, Scomi Petronas deal etc etc. Maybe when push comes to shove, Najib will do the Samson option and destroy the UMNO temple with everybody inside including his mentor Dr Mahathir. ;-)

  4. melvin,

    there is a malay saying "siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas"


  5. I hope Pak Lah REALLY has this trump card and that he will actually use it!!!

  6. Umno must change or risk losing the next general elections

    Since the betrayal of our Bapa Merdeka, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra in the "Elite Ketetuanan UMNO group" led by by his Deputy & team members including "King Gus", etc & MM as the young turk then - they have wasted 40 years......

    Instead of upgrading the grassroot UMNO members academically, professionally & politically based on Meritocracy by teaching them "how to catch their own Fish Honourably", they played the the tune of "Ketetuanan, Race & Party" politics....Melayus are Bumiputras...are Tuans....the chosen ones.....UMNO is their the expense & exploitation of this great nation, its assets & the Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

    It is too little too late now....40 years of indoctrination to change the "Mindset" overnight !

    There has been too much UMNO/BN Lies, insincere "Rhetorics, Promises", etc - to desperately camouflage their attempt to continue the rape of this great nation, its assets & its downtrodden rayaat.

    This great nation & its downtrodden rayaat needs a complete "Skychange" with "Proven Self achieved Succcessful Personalities (with Track records) as our new Leaders".

    A synergy of Great Honourable & Established (academicians, professionals, etc) Anak Bangsa Malaysia
    who can pool their resources - NOT TO CREATE ANOTHER NEW WHEEL REDEFINE & ENHANCE the ORIGINAL WHEEL that was the basis of our Independence in 1957 by our Bapa Merdeka.

    From the British Tuans to the Established & Honourable Malaysian Tuans - the likes of Tunku, Tan Siew Sin, Tun Sambanthan, Tun HS Lee, Tun Sardon, etc.

    Just look at & learn from our neighbour down south - the best Honourable brains available with Cambridge Masters 1st class & Havard PhDs with proven track records to be cabinet Ministers. That is why they are paid a million plus Sing dollars a year.

    As such anyone caught compromising/abusing their position would rather commit suicide than face their peers & Senior leader....

    That is what Transparency, Accountability, Creditability & HONOUR" is all about.....only then we can MOVE FORWARD !

    Today we are having alot of Self-proclaimed Politicians by virtue how do we expect anything POSITIVE without fear or favour !

    UMNO/BN is presently bankrupt of "Established Honourable Personalities & Workable Ideas" still in "Denial" mode, still infighting for position, perks & $$$$ & there are no "Positive, Workable" contingency plans to mitigate the Financial Tsunami for the nation & its suffering rayaat.

    The coming Financial Tsunami, will therefore hit this great nation & its rayaat very badly bringing about the "Natural" demise of UMNO/BN - natural progression of "Denial & Self Destruct" mode.

    Ultimately God Almighty will answer the suffering rayaats' prayers....many anointed "True Leaders" will emerge.....the likes of Nik Aziz, Lim Guan Eng (someone who was trying to help an innocent Malay thrown in jail), and many more.....

    Thereafter, a "Phoenix" will arise from the ashes of the Financial Tsunami of this great nation Malaysia for Malaysians.

    Until then reposition yourselves & family financially, same with your work/profession, your morgages, etc to safely ride out this coming Financial Tsunami that is already at our doorsteps with no mitigation contingency plans for the nation & rayaat.....yes, every Man for Himself & God helps Those that Help Themselves!

  7. Taffer Mah!!!!
    U have hit the nail on the head.
    The Trial will unfold many many "fakta -fakta" that will ............

  8. Who is responsible for the many major incidents and fatalities of our Malaysian National Service Program? Is it for the money or is it really for national unity? At the expense of our Malalysian children?
    Please see:

  9. I think the only way to look at some of the issues is to attack it on several fronts, as far as the NS is concerned. Why don't we ask the government to publish, or tell us, if any of the patriotic UMNO big wigs, have got children that is of age, in the National Service. If not, why not?


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