Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prediction: 3000-vote majority for PAS

I don't really think that PAS can win that big as BN will do all its cheats to win the by-election. They are targeting a 1000-vote majority for them, but taking into account of other factors, I'd say that PAS would win this by 3000.

Numerous reasons are:

1.The Malay votes are either split at 50-50 or in PAS 60-40. That leaves the Chinese to be kingmakers.
2. The chinese complained that given $300 as Ang Pow doesn't do good.
3. The PAS territory people find Wan Farid as unforgivable because he started the Batu Buruk incident - two hours prior.
4. Oil royalty
5. Threats from the Mayor and MB.

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