Sunday, January 4, 2009

America Making A Quick Buck Out Of War

According to Malaysiakini, Israel has started crossing and invading the Gaza Strip, with intention of eliminating Hamas. It is now two weeks since the first strike on December 27.

Of course, most of us know that Israel is an extension of America in the Middle East, and they are the proponents of the foundation of the state in 1948 - the first sign towards Armageddon as mentioned in the Bible.

America, being one of the big five that has veto powers, has blocked the UN Security Council action that calls for immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. That is already expected.

Remember that the money-making in US is built on the legacy of weapons like A-Bomb, and wars like Vietnam War, and etc.. frankly, this war is on the other hand is allowing them to make a quick buck out the current economical crisis that they are facing right now. If they do not do so, they ceased to become a economical superpower in the world and they would lose to upcoming nations like China and India.

The major mistake committed to them was done by Nixon in 1971, when he broke the Bretton Woods System II, no longer making the dollar bound by gold. By doing so, exponentially, America has started borrowing a lot of money - close to 40 years, it is already $14 trillion and they are not able to pay back. But America is arrogant and threaten sanctions, war since they have the greatest military might right now, if nations do not follow their style. Iran is always in their gunsights since they are always intending to trade their oil with Euros (since they are more stable)

Not even that measure could save them. It was said that the dollar could collapse permanently by May / June and in place comes AMERO - the continental equivalence of EURO. This Gaza Strip invasion (under the pretext of hunting Hamas) is to buy them extra time and getting a quick buck out of it.

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