Thursday, January 1, 2009


What I got on New Year's Eve was a reprieve.

I learnt that the entire system is 50% confirmed with tweaks in one module and the module that I was involved still has stability problems. They spotted one problem where searching for Customer was not running and I admit that I made a misjudgment that day.

So that problem was ironed out and there's still more things to do. For today, the C and R team are off day as they are fully assured of stability by the QA department. But not for me as there's still things to sort out.

So I consider that as a reprieve and I heard that we have until Monday for another demo.

I never wanted anything for New Year, just a reprieve. 2009 is considered a tough period for all of us. I never get to enjoy things as other people do for the last two months. Some friends were asking me, why in a dull mood, I only told them, it's the deadline. Or a better answer would be to write to my boss in Singapore to find out!

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