Thursday, January 15, 2009

If We Expose This To International Press...

BN will get more embarassed and amok. I've picked up some of the news pieces from the on the ground scenes and thought it should be given to international media like Al-Jazeera, CNN and etc.. since the MSM has no absolutely no balls and anything they publish besides santized ones faced the wrath of the 4th floor boys.

It's just less than a few days away from the big by-election and the BN has no more cards and aces to play with. With that, there will resort into many dirty tactics and intimidation to get them out of the mess.

On The Ground Recaps:

1. On Nomination day the MSM reported that the number of BN supporters are twice as much than those in the Opposition. Wrong. The facts on the ground revealed otherwise that Opposition supporters are 5 times more than the number of BN people, which was estimated to be at 7000.

2. The Chinese voters are apparently given a red packet of RM 300 each by BN to vote for them.

3. 7000 police men were deployed, instead of doing their proper duty it seems that from initial intelligence reveals that they are the phantom voters.

4. The police on certain occassions tried to shutdown opposition speeches.

5. A DAP bilik gerakan in KT was forced to close down as according to the landlord, the MB Ahmad Said gave a directive to shut the place down. DAP had to look for somewhere else.

6. Primula Park employees were asked to surrender their MyKad as part of a lucky draw exercise where the lucky ones will get to dine with Rosmah. However, it is a pretence to make the employees voting for Barisan. Anyone found voting opposition will lose their jobs. This also applies to employees of Petronas or state government.

7 The police has apparently gave an instruction not to allow Raja Petra into entry of a certain club given of his reputation, feared by the government as spilling the toxic to oceans. The police attempted to get his IC but Pete refuses to give in unless the commanding officer shows up. But the CO didn't do so.

8. Wan Farid Salleh , the BN candidate refused outright to debate on the oil royalty. Seems that people knew from the moment he said no that he was responsible of siphoning money out of the state to the Fed.

9. Cyber troopers from UMNO are actively doing the phishing thing, meaning getting readers to websites posed as real ones in attempting to steal usernames, passwords so that they can manipulate to their own ends as the wishes of the masters.

So far the intelligence has indicated that the Malays are split in choosing UMNO and PAS. So the decisive vote will come from the remaining 11% of Chinese and Malays. UMNO remains silent and the lapdog by the name of MCA starts to make the issue of hudud just to spook the Chinese on the PAS matter.

But the hudud issue is brought to the close with a word from Lim Guan Eng. No way will hudud be implemented if one of the three parties say no to the proposal. So now, the issue has backfired on MCA who still uses Chew Mei Fun to keep raising that issue. Of course UMNO cannot intervene, for if they do so, people might call them anti-Islam or something. DAP and PAS were constantly being asked of the hudud stance, but have we listened to the UMNO MCA stance?

According to Malaysiakini, hudud is now no longer an issue in KT now, so it means whatever BN does right now is totally useless. And now, they resort into scarring tactics. A few bus load of people from Temerloh and KL were brought in as part of supporting BN and they are backed by PEKIDA - those gangsters involved in the Ijok by-election. Coupled with Khairy telling people of the 'vote BN or else....' tone, people are getting very angry at them.

During the period of PAS ruling the state in 1999-2004, people benefitted better from various edicts from PAS and the 11% minority had a sense of respect for them. But they didn't get funding as the Federal government was angry and refusal to give is considered a retribution for not voting for BN. The public people particularly human rights activists never like Wan Farid because being the deputy minister of Home Affairs, he's largely responsible for ordering the police to clamp down on vigils, protests, opposition campaigns, etc..

Unfortunately, this was not published in MSMs because a publication of such revelation means total embarassment to the nation and BN through the eyes of third parties numerous accusation by groups saying that Malaysia doesn't do that and etc.. For example, like today, the government has ordered Samy Vellu and the Indian gang to counter Hindraf, but if Hindraf was right and government still in the wrong despite repeated denial, they will be embarassed.

Yes, most of us know the dirty tricks and bags that BN will do in the three days or so and I once thought with a few people that publishing this to the international press is making them beg to their knees because it's checkmate to them. But you have heard Syed Hamid echoing what Ahmad Ismail said but saying emigrate to other countries. Does that mean he shares the same sentiment of calling other people pendatang?

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