Sunday, January 11, 2009

They Are Nothing More Than Americans. Just The Same.

While fishing at the Wharf yesterday, I have been informed by someone that 21 people were arrested in a anti-war protest against Israel organized by PSM.

According to Malaysiakini, three notable politicians arrested including Charles Santiago, Klang MP, Dr. Nasir Hashim and S. Arutchelvam. Not only that, the number includes 8 women and a 12-year old child, and two from SUARAM. The turnaround was said to be at around 200.

The police were quick to declare that the assembly as illegal - using Police Act 1967 as an excuse although it was clear that the UMNO organized assembly went ahead last Friday and with 5000 people -co incided by Friday prayers. Indeed this is deemed as a double standard practiced by police. But everyone in Malaysia is protesting against the atrocities of Israel against the Palestinians!

There are some who quickly explained that it was illegal because of no permit. But on the other hand UMNO organized gathering went ahead even without a permit. Even if you try to obtain a permit, chances are 30 percent to 0 with police will reject it outright.

So what we learned so far is:

1. The police will clamp down on anything that not aligned to UMNO / BN.
2. Although these UMNO men claim that they support Palestinian welfare, they are still the same thing as the Israelis. Parallel this in the Malaysian context, they are pretty the same as the Americans.
3. Although the police were quick to assure that there are no phantom voters in the KT by-election, we have word that they are the ones. There was one hotel that was booked before the nomination day but in the end no one turned up.

I remembered watching a video by RPK that said of campak BN to South China Sea. Well, the people will have to reiterate their message to them. They are not listening and those hardcore ones - take the Malacca UMNO ones are ought to be given high priority special treatment.

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