Sunday, January 11, 2009

Police Stops PJ Vigil

The vigil didn't last long. This week, delCapo slotted in for Haris and Bernard. Both are away for the coverage in the KT by-election.

Less than 100 turned up today and just 15 minutes on the way, the police came in here like if it is their own property. The fact is that they have entered a private property that belongs to the City Council.

The CO who barked the order to disperse one Arunjaidi (?) but the real district chief, Shukor Sulong was on his left. They called for dispersal and the crowd dispersed after singing the national anthem.

We spotted about 8 SBs at the Lotus restaurant opposite. I spotted another two when I parked my car at the parking lot.

Seems that this matter could be brought to the attention of the City Council for the police has trespassed private property. I had a brief chat with a SB who lamented the need to be on standby and wasting extra time on this kind of 'unnecessary matters.' But they had to do their job or they faced transfer or sack. So it's not them that we should blame, but their superiors.

We can see a kick later on that asshole...


  1. Thanks to be counted. Will be there again next Sunday.

  2. We will request MBPJ, MPs and ADUNs and the Selangor State government for their response. They have given us permission to use said venue. Why did not they arrange for our security from intruders. We were there legally with the permission of the Selangor Govt authorities, based on our aims and objectives. WHY NO PROTECTION FOR ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA from Selangor and elsewhere, when we are standing for the ANTI-ISA position taken by the Selangor Pakatan State Govt and the Wakil-wakil Rakyat. Some answers must come forth.

  3. Moron is still moron. Those higher rank officer has been control by the BaNana. Is either we change the Government before the government change the entire Malaysia into a un-liveable country. I think we got to prepare for Next election now. tHAT election would contribute a stronger voice to the darn BN!

    And we just have to face the robbers and snatch thieves our self.

  4. View the videos of the 14th PJ Vigil at


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