Monday, February 2, 2009

I Came To Meet My Friends. But They Said "Tak Boleh".

For me, it's just a weekly gathering of friends just to say hello, extend CNY greetings and make pleasantries and a variety of things.

I anticipated that in the last few weeks the police will come and make noises even at a private property which is totally unacceptable.

The first tell-tale signs occured when they start writing parking fines for cars parking at yellow lines.

Some of the Special Branch personnel including one woman is always there to spy on people. And then came the men in blue. But I was told that there they might arrest without warning so I stayed out. Later, everyone came out, relieved that the SOP of telling people to disperse - minus bullhorn was still there.

And then came something that I can't seem to understand why. Well, while people chat and have drinks and the cops even come and surround Lotus and the cinema? Even the aneh-aneh will be wondering why the men in blue are coming over for nothing. Even the SBs are at one table wanting to spy on normal people do. And so most of them had to find out, many chatted with the head honcho DSP Ong.

Isn't this like Nazi Gestapo?

And people are wondering what is PJ city council doing after three weeks of writing mail?

And what about the men in blue? Permit was applied weekly with no replies?

Where are you ADUNs and MPs of Selangor in this time of need? Are you leaving the good people out to dry?

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