Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sultan Entering Blogosphere!

Sultan Azlan Shah has just entered blogosphere a few days ago.

Stumbled upon the blog hosted by Blogspot a few days ago. It was setup a few days following the state constitutional crisis.

The official statement said this was setup as the alternative to the Dreambook guestbook which was disrupted.

I am not sure whether there's some sense of sincerity in this top first posting:
"His Royal Highness understands there are a lot grouses, grouches or even grievance on the recent BN/PR switchover debacle. It's hoped that a win-win-win (NB: It has to be TRIPLE WINS) solution can be attained through a direct dialogue such as this blog in the not too distant future.

Please therefore speak your mind freely, without fear or favour here."
The URL for the blog is here.

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