Friday, February 27, 2009

Monkeys, Beggars, Gangsters, Perverts...What Are They Actually?

Can you imagine those people, allegedly from Selangor UMNO Youth going to Parliament building like nobody's business and confronting Karpal Singh like a mob? In the process, there was a slight scuffle involving several DAP MPs between them. They just came in and confronting and mobbed them in a replay over a remark that Karpal made yesterday.

But as Malaysiakini quoted a cool line by Singh Is King - "I shall not be intimidated..."


If that event really involves UMNO Youth, then you realize that Hishamuddin and Khairy had failed to control those bad apples from making the headlines today. And it's UMNO Youth Selangor...double oh oh which means it points to either Khir Toyo (running for UMNO Youth Chief) in general assembly (most probably) or Mike Tyson Taib. Of course, there's the acknowledgement that not all of them are bad, just the few bad apples can give tarnished reputation of UMNO being monkeys making noises around and using the law of the jungle.

If we take into count of the number of unusual events that happen in the last six months of so, the ones that tend to make noises the most as like monkeys do is UMNO. More than maybe the opposition front, the NGOs front etc....unfortunately I don't have the count of how many times each side did this and that.


Well, some thinkers believe that UMNO keeps championing the slogan of Hidup Melayu or the Ketuanan Melayu thing. But the sad thing is that those slogans and what they do are against what was intended from the beginning. Instead, it is stamping on other people, demanding monetary value for something that they do not do.

Organisation telah mengagungkan slogan "hidup Melayu" dan "ketuanan Melayu". Hasilnya elek.

Melantik hakim kerana hakim itu seorang Melayu tidak akan menjamin keutuhan undang-undang dan keadilan. Melantik ketua PKNS kerana seseorang itu Islam, Cina atau Melayu tidak akan menjamin apa-apa.

Selama 50 tahun gerombolan United Malays National Organisation telah juga melaung-laungankan keislaman gerombolan mereka. Hasilnya elek.
As my good friend flyer168 said, they don't know how to fish. Quote:

Sad to see this great nation Malaysia administered by the British Tuans, then handed over to the Malaysian TUANS under Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra & his Malaysian cabinet of TRUE TUANS managing the system of Wesminster style Democracy & with the Rule of Law in 1957, getting “Hijacked & Betrayed” by the “Elite UMNO Ketetuanan BEGGARS” in 1969.

For 40 years, instead if teaching their own kind to “Learn to catch their own FISH”, they took the easy way out to maintain their “False” sense of Security & Power by using the “Ketuanan (BEGGAR)” policy - you vote UMNO, we give you “Fish” & the rot set in to what it is today & the beat goes on….!

30% Bumiputra equity is an example of stamping on people for the hard work they have done. Demanding a cut for not working for anything. If you want a contract you need to go through them, not by meritocracy...aiyo! Even Anthony Burgess in the novel Time for A Tiger even whacked this bullshit, excerpt:

"Surely, we want more out of life than the village existence can give us. You, Salim like gramophone records that feature American singers. Dairianathan here is a photographer and needs cameras. You cannot expect these to fall like coconuts from trees. Again you all wear shoes. These have to be made and making them is work. We have to work to get the things we need. The more things we need, the more advanced our civilisation is; that's how the argument runs. If we can get the machines to make these things for us, well, we get the best of both worlds. We get many pleasures to feed our souls and bodies and we get plenty of leisure in which we can enjoy with."

That means, you don't shake your leg all your time. You'll get fat and fatter later on.

Look at how UMNO behaved during the Ijok by-election or in better view, how they behave when things do not get in their way. This is very much in stark contrast against how PAS people and the normal people behave. Anything that angers them, and there will scuffles where fists go flying left and right. Skirmishes, that's all.

Look at how the Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng was beaten by the UMNO Youth people at Parliament today. That's "a tip of the iceberg". Since they think they can play hero and want to show to the people how great they are to Malaysia, why not they compete themselves with the higher levels like Yakuza or the Russian gangs etc..if that's what they wished to be billed as.


There's some lost of words on saying this. One moment they claim that they want to protect royalty. One moment they would do this. One moment they would do something else. Even a simple remark or criticism by Malaysians means "kedudukan Melayu" terancam. In my experience, nobody, not my Malay friends or buddies complained. Man make mistakes and critcising a person for a good reason and risk yourself being called "derhaka".

Blind obedience as some called is something that is forcefully obey disregarding whether the person you obey is wrong in your common ration / judgement.

If Barisan Nasional claims that they jaga everyone, why is there a advisory council for Chinese, Malays and Indians in Perak? Are they trying to segregate people out there? Your business, my business, their business. Each one on their own. Racial harmony is ripped out from that one.

Or here's another example: Hishamuddin Hussein gave a speech of rejecting violence in International Youth Conference. But UMNO youth (his own wing) makes violence at MPs in Parliament. Oh my this preaching but not walking your talk?

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