Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Mama's Coup De Tat in Perak

After a day of consideration, Sultan Azlan Shah has given the nod for BN to form a government with Zambry Kadir as the new Menteri Besar. His Majesty has turned down the request to dissolve the state assembly and has decreed that Nizar and the exco resigned. The Sultan wanted a more unity government formed by BN but Pakatan wanted a fresh election to let the people judge who is the better of the two coalitions.

Some BN-bloggers, for instance, an acquitance of mine, Big Dog have said that Anwar Ibrahim who wanted a defection of MPs by September 16 got his own taste of medicine. Similarly, Taib Mahmud has echoed the same sentiment as well. A friend of mine, Duke, who is covering the Ipoh event with some Barisan Rakyat bloggers think that this gives the eye of an eye treatment: if the change of government by defection still stands by end of this week, this means that Anwar Ibrahim can do that do in federal level but much to the chagrin of DAP who prefers a snap election over crossovers.

The people of Perak have been robbed and shortchanged and I can assure you that there will be serious repercussions come the next general elections if the BN is allowed to govern Perak in this way.

It is hoped that in this darkest hour, the Perak sultan in his wisdom will call for the dissolution of the Perak state assembly to make way for state elections.

If His Highness does not, then the rakyat will surely protest and will return with a vengeance at the next general elections.

Either way, the Barisan Nasional government is nearing its end. They are about to be checkmated.
Pakatan Rakyat has an insurance in form a lawsuit filed by speaker V. Sivakumar to have the High Court declare that the resignation letters by the renegade 3 valid and force a by-election most.

While most of my hardcore blogging buddies covered Ipoh today, I have advised my mother not go through Brewster Road on the way back home from her work. I told her to use Tiger Lane to go back home instead, which goes through RPGC there. Brewster Road starts from Padang Ipoh and goes all the way to the MB's house after Sam Tet school.

This apparent 'coup de-tat' as called by Nizar at Big Mama Najib as also triggered sense of sympathy from non-Perak people and the people in Perak are screaming in fury for the Barisan regime that if taking over could reverse the accomplishments that are enjoyed by everyone. Secondly, given that TOL was the main success, a reversal could spark anger at people. Finally, the majority of Excos could be Malay majority which would not satisfy the Perak people as the composition of races are mostly Chinese first then Malays. A free section in Malaysiakini that shows people opinions show that most people think that Big Mama's engineered crossover is robbing and shortchanging Perakians.

Even in the Barisan camp, Mahathir and Ku Li thinks otherwise. Mahathir obviously thinks that bringing the two PKR men who is accused of corruption charges into the fold will bring an effect that could trigger in the next general elections in 2013 at most. Ku Li on the other hand thinks BN with the Sultan (once admired on law) is using the law of the jungle instead of rule of law.

For now, we may have to hear what the High Court would say. It is indeed a hollow victory if BN takes over only to have the High Court declare that the state seats vacant. Then what? Another by-election in those places and it will be a waste of money and Big Mama's efforts if BN loses those three places again.

Now then, people are very angry and most do not like Najib and if for God's sake His Majesty listens to the grouses of the people, and do the more proper thing, people would be happy. Just look at how much people came to the MB's house to show support because of what PR government did in the space of one year. If Pakatan Rakyat can show proof to the Sultan that Hamzah Zainuddin acted on behalf of Najib to buy these renegade 3 at $10 - 15 million each, then there could be a sense of reconsideration.

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