Monday, February 2, 2009

Perak Should Consider Fresh State-Level Elections

The ding-dongs surrounding the Perak state government went like buzzing bees when both government and opposition claimed they had ADUNs crossing over and so on.


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By-Election or Snap State Election?

I don't really favor much on by-election, since of the unstable situation and there could be anytime that assemblymen could jump left and right. The more appropriate would be to hold fresh snap election. The numerous reasons and benefits of having a snap election would be:

1. Allows the Pakatan Rakyat government to determine who has been performing well and removing those who are not performing well. In fact the PR were unaware that they could win the state that they field some candidates that could be weak. Instead they won.
Dear MB Perak, dissolve the Perak State Assembly and hold fresh state elections. Then, once and for all, embark on a house-cleaning exercise and get rid of the riff-raff. After that you can settle down and concentrate on running the state instead of constantly looking over your shoulders, wondering who is going to next cross over to Barisan Nasional. - Santa Claus (Corridor's of Power)
2. Allows the Perak people (including myself) to assess the performance of the PR government in the past year. So far, the intelligence shows that the minority races gave thumbs up to the government with Nizar's leadership. The strongest suit would be that Nizar gave TOL land titles. Penang emulated and Negeri Sembilan is asking why Mohammad Hassan is not giving TOL titles. Of course, these actions have angered Mike Tyson Taib but the federal government has no say on this.

3. DAP and PAS are ready. And they are proponents of winning fairly instead of hopping over.

4. On the other hand, this gives a test to see if Barisan Nasional would play dirty or whatsover to win back the state government. Here's your chance, and it can also be Najib's Waterloo. Supposed if Pakatan wins say 40 to 50, which is almost 40-50% more seats than before, this will be the crushing defeat for Najib as this shows that it is not Abdullah leading the election campaign for Barisan.

5. If the election is to be held in March, it could force the UMNO elections be postponed.

6. Since Perak has 59 state seats, Barisan Nasional could be spending up to $1 billion ringgit of election campaign and read: people's money just for the election period. Whereas Pakatan, who could not afford lot of money.

Somehow some remarked that Nizar Jamaluddin is playing very smart.

7. The snap elections, if victory could bring a domino effect to three states, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan and in future in Sarawak. In Negeri Sembilan, BN's number of state seats majority is quite a small number. Word is that there could be three state assemblymen crossing over to PR. If that happens we can see a split in Negeri Sembilan (government / opposition). And the people in Negeri Sembilan are asking for title land deeds...mana TOL, Hassan? as what the MB feared.

Anwar and BN Might Say No

I was discussing this matter with a few friends yesterday while fishing and at that time, Anwar was sweating over this matter. Seems that my assessment is that Anwar is not in favor of having fresh snap elections. It was believed that it could be because of saving the embarassment if PKR has the least number of seats (assuming if PR wins again)

After checking Anwar's personal entry in his blog, it seems that he is reluctantly and accepting the fact that they had to be ready for snap elections.
"Akhirulkalam, kita yakin inshaallah dengan suara rakyat. Jentera kita harus bersedia bertarung di gelanggang Perak."
BN is banking on the crossover from PR to BN or winning the two state seats in by-election with hopes of taking over without much of fuss. I believe that this is what camp Najib is counting on. But then it seems that the plan is backfiring and this could force them to spend a lot of money in enticing state assemblymen to cross over to Barisan Nasional.

Big Mama Attempting To Buy Men In Perak

A PKR assemblymen has filed a SD claiming that Najib Razak had approached him and a few PR assemblymen with money ranging from $5 to $15 million per person to get them crossover to Barisan Nasional. Do you see how dirty that Barisan Nasional would play?

According to Malaysiakini, he was taken to Putrajaya to Najib's house and was offered $50 million total to get a few ADUNs to cross over.

More drama could be unfold later, so sit down and wait.

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