Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sultan Azlan Was Blackmailed By You-Know-Who

Many people have reacted that Sultan Azlan Shah was unfair to refuse to consent to dissolve the state assembly to give way to a state-wide snap election. Many have high regards on Sultan Azlan being the former Lord President (before Tun Salleh Abas) as a wise man and ruler among the state subjects.

Some people were wondering why the Sultan straight away give his nod of forming the BN unity government after seeing all the 28 + the renegade three together at Istana Kinta downtown whereas people wanted His Highness to consent to the state Assembly dissolution. As the result many have hurled insults at the Sultan on the guestbook resulting for the site shutdown days later.

But spread of word from some Perak palace insiders have leaked out that the Sultan did not decide this on his will, but instead he was forced to make a very tough choice among the two. And the one who forced the choice on the Sultan is none other than the DPM himself. Remember why DPM came in and out of Istana Kinta twice in that day? Perhaps that could be a possiblity of response to the initial no?

In other words, the Sultan was blackmailed.

(Excerpts are from a posting of a fellow blogger)

Sultan Azlan (as mentioned by certain palace insiders) that he has two choices.


Some of us have speculated that it was the Gamuda thing that his daughter Raja Elena (who holds 7.5% stake) that has become the subject behind the blackmail. But then, the insiders said it is not about Gamuda. It is about Raja Nazrin and given the past background of Sultan Azlan.

If you have read the biography of Sultan Azlan - some of the facts are indeed true:

1. Some controversy arose when then Raja Azlan was chosen as Raja Muda given the fact that the mother is a commoner. This pattern also goes as Tuanku Bainun was formerly a commoner (a teacher) before . So therefore, Raja Nazrin is by lineage "a half-blood".

2. Dr. Mahathir solved the dispute of who shall take over the throne at that time as there were claims from descendants of Sultan Idris.

3. Remember that Sultan Azlan was born in Batu Gajah and grew up mostly there, not in the royal town.

This blood issue (as similar to the pure blood issue explored in the Harry Potter series) is exploited by BN. The risk faced is not on Sultan Azlan but on Raja Nazrin as he may or might not ascend to the throne after Sultan Azlan. That is the issue exploited by the gerombolan. There was a quote which was recalled during a meeting with the Sultan and Najib that says something like:
"Either you follow what I say or I swear on the Quran that Raja Nazrin will never be the next monarch."
This could explain why the Sultan had to do something the people would hate.
If he chooses Pakatan's call for dissolution, his son Nazrin, will be the sacrificial lamb, facing the humiliation of losing the throne altogether. It will then be said that Nazrin is not 'Keramat' pure royal blood. And don't forget that UMNO is already incensed with Nazrin whom they widely regard as a 'big mouth' for talking about justice and the rule of law.
A recent murder of a princess and sale of datukship titles could implicate the palacehold badly.

It's understood that most of these words had come from the palace grounds.


  1. I hope you don't mind i use your posting on my blog! Will link back to you of course!

  2. hey ! wat about the suspension ah !?

  3. wow nice try. try spin harder. this one is too transparent. typical of a desperate jonah the jinx lier. you are not too bright are you.

  4. Every one knew that Najib was behind it. The guy is capable of anything. He dare threaten the royalty and yet put the blame on the opposition.

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, the Perak sultan can be assured that the rakyat will support his family if he do the right thing by calling for a state election. To hell with Najib whose political career will come to an end sooner than the sultan thinks.


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