Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saying Big Mama Did It

There's me and Pete during the 'bon voyage' party at the Wharf on Friday night. I could have posted this the next day but I had to leave straight away to Singapore in the morning, stopping by my brother's house in Cyberjaya before going.

We knew that chances are Pete will be sent straight away to the Hotel ISA by Big Mama and we'd do this to make sure that he is not alone. But then, at that day, he had applied for the review for the dismissal by the judges on the recusal of Augustine Paul from the hearing. Another quorum of judges will be reviewing. This could be buy Pete some time to do whatever is necessary.

Here above we were talking about capturing the three hills in by-election and jokingly mentioning of laying siege on the fourth hill. The siege on the fifth hill by the enemy faces retribution from the Lion of the Hill.

So there was a prayers for Pete and Pat said of protecting all of us from the "devil".

A few days ago, Pete wrote about the saying It's not over til it's over. The final Rocky film has the same tagline. I suggested to a few people that instead of singing that song, they should consider shouting "Big Mama Did It". Remember in his other posting, he said of that it was not Abdullah Badawi who wanted him in ISA but it's Najib Razak.

Yep. Malaysia Today readers and perhaps word of mouth now know that Mat Mongol wants to get rid of the thorns in his flesh. Pete's one of them. But there's a saying - cut of a head and many will appear again.

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