Saturday, February 28, 2009

Driving To Singapore For Dummies

If you are familiar of driving on highways, that's very good. If you have done that but you have not crossed the border to Singapore on car, then it's not a problem. From KL to Singapore, it takes 4 hours. But it's worth a feat to try out once a while. Anyhow, don't do it so often.

Before going, you need to get a few things ready:

1. You need your passport and of course the vehicle cert, in case they want to inspect your vehicle ownership.

2. At least $20 SGD. You pay $10 for applying an autocard, another $10 for top-up at any 7/11 shop.

3. Driving to an fro KL will cost you about RM200 in toll and petrol. You are driving halfway from top to bottom of the peninsular, dude!

4. Get a street map if you don't have a GPRS.

Let's say you start driving to there. The highway will be three lanes until you reach Jasin at KM 195, where it will converge into two lanes. The stretch of the highway along to Johor Bahru will be about 174 kms. So the total distance will be about 325kms from Sungai Besi to KL. That will take about roughly 3 hours on the road.

Note: You might want to stop at Pagoh rest house before proceeding.

At the end, you will end up at the city, which you must go through. Look for the sign that says Woodlands.

You will end up at the new CIQ complex. Drive through and just give the passport. That's to inform the Malaysian side immigration that you're leaving the country. You have to pay a toll to exit and enter Malaysia.

Go across the causeway and you will reach Woodlands checkpoint. This is where you're going to take a long time there. First, you fill in your visiting card and show them your passport (same as going there by bus). If you don't have a card, they will give you. Then you can proceed. If you don't have an autocard, you need to stop by block B of the checkpoint and apply for one. It's $10 SGD, with $4 in your card already. Once you have the card, it's yours to keep and it can last for five years. If you change car during the 5 year period, the card is no good. You need to get another one.

Proceed further and insert the autocard to enter the country. The first town is Woodlands.

Basically, you are entitled 10 Free VEP days per year, except weekends / public holidays. When you go to ERP roads, you pay $5 per day except on Sundays.

If possible, look for a 7/11 shop first to add the card value before going on your travels around.

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  1. ERP very exp for you all. Don't drive on peak hour will do.


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