Monday, February 9, 2009

More By-Election Galore!

We can expect a few more by-elections soon.

We can see 2 Parliamentary seats. One of them is Pensiangan, which is declared vacant when the High Court declared that Joseph Kurup's winning without oppose is null and void.

The second parliamentary seat is at Bukit Gantang where it was reported that MP Roslan Shaharum was found dead from a heart attack in Batu Gajah. Shaharum defeated incumbent Azim Zabidi (UMNO treasurer Bukit Bintang, BSN chairman, alleged connection with underworld figures) in the 2008 general elections and a independent candidate.

These two seats will definitely be on. The High Court is slated to give date of election for Pensiangan and in Bukit Gantang, the by-election will be held in the next 60 days.

The vacancy for this Parliamentary seat should give a hint that a snap-election should be held in Perak. Interestingly, Changkat Jering is falls under Bukit Gantang parliamentary.

These are the two Parliamentary seats slated by-election.

Meanwhile, there could be four state-level by-elections soon.

The three seats held by the "renegade three" could be declared vacant if the Ipoh High Court agrees that the letters by them handed by Speaker V. Sivakumar are accepted.

The other one is the Arumugam seat, which could be empty if he resigns. But MB Azizan Razak clarified that Arumugam only relinquished the exco position in the state government.

Of course, the series of by-elections could be a nightmare for Barisan Nasional. If the number of failures continue to be up after Permatang Pauh or Kuala Terengganu, Najib's reputation as PM could be cut off very short. After all, people don't really want an alleged murderer running the country right? That's why there are shouts of Altantuya all around...:D

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