Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuanku, Rakyat Sudah Marah! Kalau Tak Dengar, Negeri Akan Kena Padah!

Before King Louis XIV of France died, he left something to his great-grandson Louis XV on one explicit instruction which the King referred after Cardinal Fleury's death in 1743:

"Listen to the people, seek advise from the Council but decide alone."

Many people have expressed their anger at His Majesty for he did not listen to the grouses of the people. It was giving the platter to the devil in blue. And as the result, everyone in Ipoh threw their hands to support the present Pakatan government. But then again, the present exco and MB have not been issued papers of dismissal or voted out in the emergency assembly as what the Speaker was intending of.

The first part of the quote was totally disregarded by His Majesty. Many had regarded him to be a wise ruler for he had been a law scholar and a former Lord President before taking up the call to rule the state.Justify Full

As the result many citizens went to the palace vicinity in Kuala Kangsar or at the MB's house in Ipoh to show the displeasure at Big Mama Najib's gang penyamun by protesting saying that the ruler had gone against the wishes of the people. Many people have showed deep appreciation to Nizar's administration for they had improved on things that Barisan Nasional did not do when they govern the state. In the entire year since taking over following the previous general elections, the state economy and social level boomed up to new heights with every races enjoy from the new title deeds issued by the government. In the city alone, there has been plenty of infrastructure changes that I have observed compared in a very fast pace compared to the pace that was done when BN run the government.

An economical highlight that I would like to point out is that investments have opened up tremendously both local and foreign. Many business parties have expressed their happiness for they are allowed to do trade in better conditions compared to when it was in BN administration. When in BN, the discriminiating NEP policy has hindered them to do trade here.

I have 24 years of fond memories of Perak and I am simply ashamed to see such incident could happen in my life - something that I wish it was not supposedly to be. I will not point fingers to anybody but I have the big suspicion that what the BN pledged this afternoon could be a lie in the next few months or so. After that, the regime could go back and plunder all the fruits of the labor that the present government did successfully. Cancelling title deeds, reverting back to old policies and etc.. that will kill the state entirely or in better phrase, going back to square one.

I have read certain legends of when evil deeds done by a despot, the nation will suffer a curse that could last for seven generations. Take the legend of Laksamana Bentan or the Mahsuri legend as the example of what would befall to this great state if people regard His Majesty as despot instead of benevolent and a wise man. Even the fall of a Roman empire could illuminate a lesson for all to see.

Since I am a Perakian myself, I am quite unhappy of how things in future could go against the will of the people. I have seen what BN can do that is lying to certain people with false promises recently. In recent years, what has been exposed about the malpractices of Barisan Nasional have gave the people an eye-opener of what really happened. Since DPM Najib is acting as BN head in Perak, giving the existing government to BN is actually giving the reins to a man whom many are aware that this man is in connection to the Altantuya murder and corruption cases.

Some aware that it was his agent Hamzah Zainuddin that offered the two independed ADUNs $10 to $15 million on his behalf to cross over and drop of corruption cases against them!

Well, Your Majesty, if you really want to find out whether what I am saying is true, then please consent to a snap election and let us proof to you that this choice is the right choice after all. If crossover is acceptable then it means that it is possible to see the eye for an eye response, like MPs crossing over to either coalitions, if you understand what I mean.

Tuanku, Rakyat Sudah Marah! Kalau Tak Dengar, Negeri Akan Hancur!

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  1. Although his decision is not favoured by the people, I am sure there is a reason behind it. He might be threatened, bribed, or forced to do so. The higher ups have more power and influence, so we best keep that in mind when more clues are revealed.


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