Monday, February 9, 2009

Nasruddin WAS...FORCED back to UMNO!?!

Certain quarters in Perak revealed that Bota's Nasaruddin Hashim rejoined UMNO perhaps not because of seeing how political situation but was instead apparenthly forced back to the UMNO camp by Raja Nazrin.

If you remember a few days ago, MB Nizar told the press that he had made contact with the family of Nasaruddin and the wife told him that Nasaruddin was "kidnapped".

The malay blog Perisik Rakyat has the excerpt that hints that he was forced to go back. Excerpt:
"Apa yang mungkin tidak diketahui mereka, Raja Nazrin memainkan peranan utama untuk memaksa Dato Nasrudin kembali kedalam Umno. Malah Dato’ Nasarudin menangis kerana dipaksa kembali kedalam Umno."

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