Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Premeditated Verdict

Submissions and appeals to the Federal Court ended up with being rejected. Take for instance today's "appeal" hearing by the Government over the release of Pete Kamaruddin from the ISA on November 7 2008. My blog buddy delCapo wrote:
  • RPK’s team proceeded to motion that the panel, now being only 2 judges left (Justices Nik Hashim Nik Ab Rahman and Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin), could not continue to hear the case… after much debate focussing on whether proceedings had begun (which 2 remaining judges is sufficient) or not (which then mean at least 3 judges or more is required) - The panel of 2 ruled that the motion was Dismissed!
  • On the grounds that Justice Augustine Paul may be biased & therfore should be disqualified from hearing the appeal case, due to RPK’s well read past publications criticising him, as well as his past judgement on a case which rules RPK as a “threat to national security”… the panel found the grounds invalid & dismissed the motion.
  • On the motion that this being a complex & constitutional case, more than 3 judges (5 or 7) should be on the panel & that this court has the power to regulate itself (instead of waiting for the Chief Justice’s order) - dismissed.
  • On the motion to present new evidence to the case, based on the fact that RPK has been released for the past few months & proven to be of no threat to national security… & therefore added proof that the Home Minister’s order to his ISA dention was in bad faith - dismissed. (note: at one point, Azhar had to remind the judges that ISA is a preventive detention law…. quite embarrasing for those justices)
  • On the motion to present new evidence that has surfaced from a seperate trial (RPK’s Sedition Trial) that the investigating officers have NOT investigated fully into the article “Lets send the Altantuya murderers to Hell”, which is the same article used as evidence for the ISA case… therefore added proof that the Home Minister’s order to his ISA dention was in bad faith - yes, you guessed it & no prize…dismissed
All the points and motions being dismissed, I have a bad feeling that the thing is heading to a premeditated verdict of sending Pete back to Kamunting. The delay until next week, I suspect is maybe that there is a need of consultation with the "government" or executive body.

The charade of Augustine Paul recusing himself only to return to the fold for the afternoon session is enough to hint of judgement already decided but the need to go through the formalities.

Supposed if the appeal is successful and Pete gets send back to ISA, first, we know that Big Mama was responsible behind this, sending instructions to the judiciary of sending the man back to Kamunting to silence him at all costs. Abdullah Badawi doesn't know, but if the Military Intelligence hits out the streets next month and Pete, say in worst case, goes to his death wish before that, then what's the point of victory to everyone if that happens?

No doubt people can no longer trust in the judiciary system anymore. It's been rigged to favor Bik Mama and the people of the gerombolan and it's just a kangaroo trial now. Unless, there is a divine intervention that happens later. Wouldn't that be interesting if you are the one that holds the M.I on Altantuya's murder?

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