Thursday, February 12, 2009

Four More Defections In Perak?

An UMNO insider has confirmed that talks are underway for the four assemblymen in Perak in considering to crossover to Barisan Nasional. The assemblymen are from Hutan Melintang, Buntong, Port Weld and Malim Nawar.

As Hisham Rais said today in his posting "Jangan Salah Nilai":
"Apabila pembelotan terbongkar dan dilakukan siasatan rapi akan terbukti semua yang belot dan bersubahat dengan regim Zionis ini dibayar dan di upah. Mereka memiliki masalah pribadi seperti mencari makan menjual dadah, menjalankan pelacuran atau menggelapkan harta Majlis Tempatan. Tidak ada seorang pun warga Palestin yang belot bekerja untuk Zionis Isreal seorang yang jujur, ikhlas dan berperinsip. Ini samalah seperti wakil-wakil rakyat Pakatan yang ‘mencampuri’ gerombolan Untited Malays National Organisation – mereka memiliki masaalah."

There could be problems, not reported that the four assemblymen faced that Pakatan heads have not found a solution to solve the problem.

This means of adding to an insult of Pakatan. Pakatan should have done the earlier rather to have Nizar shooting down saying that everything was under control. For that hesitation, Pakatan paid the consequences of getting mired into this constitution crisis.

But there is a tug of war in selection of MB. Najib was seen entering Istana Kinta twice on that day to decide who would be the MB and Abdullah entered only once to say that the choice would be Zambry. It means that BN also has its internal brewing with also the problem of deciding the candidate for the Bukit Selambau seat.

A hint of possible crossovers was mentioned and pre-empted by Penang CM Lim Guan Eng both Malaysiakini and Bernama covered what he said of four exco posts still remaining vacant:

“How can six people handle all the tasks because the previous government, whether the BN or PR, had 11 Exco members including the menteri besar. Why only six (Exco members) now...?

“They think they are supermen...obviously it is a political reward to strengthen the position of the illegal BN (government) in Perak. It will encourage more Assemblymen to defect to the BN,” he said at a media conference at his office, here today.

Over 35000 people have responded to a survey disagreeing that Sultan Azlan handed the government to Barisan Nasional . That is 88% of the 40000 people who answered the survey.

Eventually, a state level snap-election could be called if some unsual events could crop up, particularly with the Bukit Gantang by-election coming on.

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  1. You like my post on the parallels between "Secret Invasion/Dark Reign" and the Perak takeover by BN? :)

    ~ Edmund


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