Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another 50 More Years? Get Real!

The ISA is one of the few laws in the country that has been in the age of over 50 years. Sedition Act is already past 60 years. And so, on the August 1, ISA is already 50 years old. An interesting thing to learn is that though it is our ex-colonial master, the English that was responsible of introducing it back then, the sedition act was already repealed. This is because that as times goes, there are things that no longer fit in the current society that it has to go. This also demonstrates their maturity to adjust to as the time goes on.
Sadly, not in Malaysia. Unfortunately, there are still many laws that are refused to be repealed, the first two for example. The reason that the leadership has put up to say of the need to have those old laws is simply illogical. In fact, the ulterior motive is to keep the present power, mob mentality, race politics based power rolling and rolling on, as if they are the only party that can run Malaysia.

But people have already started to be aware of the laws in Malaysia, its application in today's context and able to judge for themselves whether it is still relevant or not. But we have immature leaders and those who have narrow minds that makes the call. Ask for a repeal in ISA or sedition, they will say no way, we still need it. Ask for minimum wage that every country starts to implement, they will say cannot?

You have immature, narrow thinking leaders, or those who think repealing it is a threat against their power.

Who do you think they are?

Civilized and liberal minded people want the ISA to be replaced with something new and better than that. It seems that from last year's experience, the gomen is unwilling to do so. Amendments, is still unacceptable to some quarters. So they intend to send a clear repeat message to Najib and his cousin Hishamuddin. If you find it that 50 years is enough and you don't want the same thing for the next 50 years or so, you know you have to do something drastic and not blindly stick to the same old thing forever, don't you?

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