Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Anuar Shaari From The Three Lawyers: BULLSHIT

A press conference was held by the three lawyers involved with PI Bala in London as to answer to Anuar Shaari's demand to come clean over funding (NST - 23 July 2010) . Unfortunately, Anuar never came to the press conference as to hear the answers, and it gives the impression of cowardice.

The red comments below is the summary of what is told by the three lawyers (Manjeet, Americk and Amarjit) in response to the NST article:

KUALA LUMPUR: His allegations and demands may have never been entertained by his "target" but that is not stopping former Parti Keadilan Rakyat secretary-general Anuar Shaari.
Anuar said he was determined to push ahead with his campaign until he gets an answer from PKR de facto leader and his former boss, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"All I want is an explanation from Anwar ... nothing more than that. What is so hard in explaining the truth?"

Having called about 10 press conferences, Anuar convened another yesterday saying that that Anwar was "desperate" to regain the support of his former friend-turned foe, Datuk S. Nallakaruppan.

Anuar, a former private secretary to Anwar when the latter was in the cabinet, claimed that Manjeet Singh Dhillon, a lawyer, had repeatedly approached Nallakaruppan to get him to return to PKR.

Nallakaruppan, who was Kepong PKR chairman, resigned from PKR in 2007, claiming the Indians were given less opportunities in the party.

"I am curious about Manjeet's role here. He doesn't seem to be giving up on fighting on Anwar's behalf." 

-- According to Manjeet, there was no such thing as Anwar telling him that he was desperate to have Nalla back in the fold. The statement there was not true. It's just the matter of Amarjit getting two friends together, personally, non-political matter. It was in this matter that Manjeet says that Anuar is mislead and doesn't have the complete facts. Anuar is shooting in his own foot.

Anuar said Manjit and two others -- Amarjit Singh and Americk Singh -- who are private investigator P. Balasubramaniam's lawyers had accompanied him to Paris in order for the police there to record his statement.

-- Only Manjeet went with Bala to Paris. Amarjit and Americk were with Bala in London only.

Anuar said the question on everyone's mind was how did Balasubramaniam fund his stay in London and afford the fees of his prominent lawyers.

"We all know that he does not even have the means to support himself in London, so where does he get the money to pay his lawyers?" 

-- Americk refuted that the legal services were offered to Bala are entirely pro-bono. FOC. Manjeet and Amarjit came in to provide additional help.  Bala self-funded the entire trip. Before the 11th hour cancellation by the MACC, the agreement is that the MACC would foot the bill for Bala's accommodation, expenses and etc.. Bala's money is from the balance of the $750K money that was paid from Deepak Jaikishan. The additional money was chipped in by good Samaritans in UK including Raja Petra. One Ben Singh, offered Bala a stay in an apartment there. 

He said there was speculation that Anwar had funded the lawyers on Balasubramaniam's behalf and urged the lawyers to declare their salary and assets to the Inland Revenue Board so that they could prove that they had no links with Anwar.

"If they refuse, then they will continue to be linked to Anwar and it will raise questions about the money," he said, adding that the Inland Revenue Board should thoroughly investigate their finances. 

-- It is clearly stated that Anwar Ibrahim has no part in funding the lawyers. These guys are self-sufficient, funded their own expenses. Americk is on post-paid studies, so no earnings in the last 15 months, Manjeet is on pro-bono services, and Amarjit is on having available resources. IRB is welcome to ask and check to satisfy their curiosity.

Anuar later told the New Straits Times he was not bent on settling a score with Anwar.

"I represent the voices of the people who want to know the truth, period. There are many, including PKR members, who want to hear it from the horse's mouth.

"So, why can't Anwar once and for all provide the much needed explanation so that everybody will be satisfied," said Anuar.

Asked how he felt about Anwar not responding to any of his claims, Anuar said: "No, I am not frustrated that he has opted to remain silent.

"I am just giving him an opportunity to clarify and he should make use of the opportunity to answer to the people." 

-- Anwar is never involved in this. I deliberately asked whether if Anuar is paid lip-service by someone to speak like that, and 'yes.' Obviously Anuar is acting like a dog / machai for someone - his political masters. Who is the voices of the people that Anuar is really representing? 

Asked how long he would continue with his crusade, Anuar said: "I will carry on as long as there are issues which need clarification and answers."

-- Manjeet went to hit back on Anuar. Anuar is being misled, shooting on his own foot and running in his own mouth without backing up in his claims. In other words, the three lawyers are telling Anuar that he's talking bullshit.

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