Monday, July 19, 2010

The Real Statement By Bigots

In the last few days, the Malay dailies have been publishing news of Malays facing threat of being overtaken by General election 13 if they are not together. This is clearly reflected in repeate calls by Muhyiddin, UMNO and the presses to have join unity talks with PAS. But PAS has clearly stated that they are not going to enter into any unity talks.

A few examples from what the Malay press reported is enough to tell of the problems and the narrow mindset that these bigots have. You have a mufti that talks shit like this and this clearly shows that Harussani Zakaria doesn't seem to fit in the job description as a proper mufti and instead should contest in the elections instead, if this shows that he's a BN machai in that case.

What they reveal tells us that UMNO is actually crumbling, with infighting by several factions and divisions. It is a thinly-veiled cover up of saying UMNO Baru is sinking down to the mire.

The statements above can be summed to one thing. These parties are telling the Malays that they are protecting their race - defenders of the Malays from the enemies. But who are their enemies? That is the important question we must know. The answer is simple. They imply that the Chinese, Indians and the minority races in Malaysia are their enemies - clear example is to scare the shit out of their people is telling them that they are losing their share of the economic pie and the bulk is controlled by the Chinese. 

There has been an illogical lamentation that there are liberal-minded Malays and those who are not aligned with the UMNO's mindset and direction of the race. This simply implies of a shut up and listen mould that they wish to imprint on their own people. This is tantamount to forcing their thing on people against their will, having the narrow mindset as inside the shell. But what they don't know is that there are types of people like this can serve to enlightened the people are still stuck in the woods on the real truth that is happening out in the world.

You can kiss goodbye to Malaysia aiming to become a high-income nation if the leaders still intend to stick to such feudalistic mindset. Thanks to Perkasa and Ketuanan Melayu, we see price hike and all the problems we face in the nation. Thanks to people who are still being hoodwinked by their false promises, the nation's progress is going backwards instead of going forward. The people will have to take the fact that 2011/2012 is the last chance they face. After that no more second chances.

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