Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Match Between Two Village Champions, Village Champion vs World Champion

So, it has been established that in UMNO, the major proponents of the Najib's 1Malaysia concept are Khairy, Hisham, Nazri and maybe a few. Whereas those who are mostly Mahathir's men are not very familiar or against it, and it is shown that Muhyiddin is not very keen on going with the tune, albeit in some occasions, there was a reluctance of advocating his boss' 1Malaysia show.

What is pretty amusing now is mainly two things: the shout match between Nazri and Ibrahim Ali (one of the self-declared Jaguh Kampung) . Ibrahim calls Nazri to leave as the minister if BN wants to win good in the next GE, while Nazri whacks Katak because UMNO should be seen as in association with a group that shows its radicalism like Perkasa.

I am more interested in bird's eye view, with two groups within the mob exchanging verbal accusations over one another, each trying to show themselves who's the better. A friend of mine did relate a story of how boys in the village would sometimes do that among a group as to determine who's the real village champion. In the political arena like this as well, we do see this kind of style and politicians behavior happening. This also goes into the policy-making process.

Today, many see Jaguh Kampung not as a man from village becoming more successful in two arenas, local and international. Instead, it sees one in , one out, as what Daim said recently. Local success, failure in the overseas. That is what is happening to some people seeing our leaders what are. The recent man to be seen as a failure overseas is Shafie Apdal. 

The CNN vs Utusan is a example of world champion vs jaguh kampung, with Utusan being whacked the worst. Whatever Shafie and Rais accused CNN and Anwar is somewhat getting to the low point of bullshitting the people about Anwar. Consider if someone goes and whacks a man from CNN like Jon Klein and was proven wrong, what will happen? Just embarassment.

Just look at some of the comments made about CNN vs Utusan in Malaysiakini. Haprak betul gerombolan ini!

Habib RAK: The leaders of Umno and the media associated with Umno have lost all credibility. The public does not believe anything said by them anymore. They have reached the level of "the boy who cried wolf". Now, with CNN coming out to deny the 'Anwar paid CNN' report, this further reinforces the public's view.

Abil: CNN is the world's foremost and most reliable news channel. To accuse it of getting kickbacks from Anwar is most insulting to CNN. This is akin to saying that CNN can be bought and all its newsmakers are paying to do interviews with CNN.

CNN should sue Utusan Malaysia by insinuating that it is corrupt to the extent that it takes money from Anwar for its programme.

True, the stooges from the mob are foaming in their mouths, talking bullshit. So much for Village Champions.

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