Friday, July 23, 2010

Stop Jibing. Quit and Contest In Elections!

The spat between Guan Eng and the SDO officer continues today with both sides trade jibes while one side, being represented by Sidek Hassan and another by state government. State government says he should have cooperate with other state department, while those who come in defense of Nik Ali said that SDOs can be fired and only the federal government has the prerogative of doing so. But in the end, Nik Ali himself has appeared at the wrong place to jibe at Guan Eng: UMNO press conference.

These things share the same thing in common, which is that these people used the wrong platforms to say out. By doing so, it implies one thing that the person is not doing his proper role as an impartial civil servant of the government, appointed in the King's name. Instead it portrays the person to be in this capacity but acting under UMNO. In simple plain phrase, it implies that these people are more or less UMNO machais. Nik Ali appeared at an UMNO press conference, Harussani appears to be speaking on behalf of UMNO, salesman for sale of unity talks, Abdul Rahman Hashim calling in police blocking PR assemblymen and as according to what Nizar said in a constitution forum, Rahman was sabotaging the then PR government.

True, as what Kit Siang and Karpal agreed, there are civil servants that violated the General Order by behaving or acting in the matter of the interest of the political masters instead for the government of the day. There is a clear line between a political party and being in the government of the day. And true, these people should be suspended from their jobs. Look at Selangor. Some people are complaining that despite PR running the show, there have been sabotaging efforts from civil servants who are still showing their factionalism in favor of the previous Khir Toyo's administration. Some said that they had to go through UMNO man for contract approvals. Little Napoleons.

If some would share the same idea as I do, I would suggest one thing. Quit your posts and contest as an UMNO candidate in the upcoming general elections. Well, they are now acting like a party man, they should go and walk the talk. Tell UMNO straight in the face to give a shot to contest in a state / parliamentary seat in the next general elections. Show them that you are a worth piece of village hero. Since Harussani is talking big about Malay race and religion unity, why not contest in a Parliamentary seat in the next GE in a parliamentary seat? How about the other few, why not fight?

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